A soon-to-be mom is seeking advice for a dilemma that she encountered. Her extended family wanted to surprise her by painting her nursery, however, the outcome was not expected.

The frustrated mom-to-be posted on Reddit that her grandma and her aunt wanted to surprise her by painting her nursery. The duo had good intentions when painting their expecting family member’s nursery. However, what they did not know was that the color that they chose would give her a “headache” every time she walks into the room.

She and her fiancé are expected to move into their new “fixer-upper” place by the end of the month. She’s due to give birth in August. However, she needs help transforming her nursery, which was painted “bubblegum pink.”

The soon-to-be mom said that she wants to use the resources that she has already instead of buying new wallpaper or paint. She explained her situation: 

Now my issue is, we are totally broke. My fiancé lost his job, and things are incredibly tight. I barely have enough to cover all our bills this month. So buying new paint or wallpaper, or whatever, is out of the question.

With a half gallon of pink paint left over and about 4 gallons of white paint, the mom-to-be is looking for suggestions on how to transform this all pink nursery without painting every wall, frame, and door back to white.

Reddit commenters offered some helpful suggestions:

If you have enough to paint one or two walls white I would recommend that and if you have any leftover you can try painting white polka dots on the pink walls to help settle it down a bit more. Also it’s garage sale season try looking for wall accents or book shelf’s to help cover up what you could paint. A lot of times you can find wall art for a dollar or two…

If you are OK with a much more neutral pink, you could easily mix your remaining pink with some of the white you have and paint over it. Because it’s the same shade of pink, it will cover some but not entirely and you’ll just have a more neutral pink in the end.

We at Dearly thought of some suggestions for this soon-to-be mom that might be beneficial for her and her fiancé. We searched through some D.I.Y. Instagram posts and found some amazing, cost-effective ideas for this mom:


A post shared by chelsea reinmiller (@seamoment) on Apr 11, 2018 at 9:04am PDT

This simple yet creative idea is just right for this mom-to-be so she can use the paint that she already has.

Painting over the pink that is on the walls with white will give it a pastel look. And buying cheap picture frames and craft items to create wall decor can help tone down the walls.


A post shared by Mar-Jean Kuhn (@mjkuhn02) on Mar 18, 2018 at 9:41am PDT

This D.I.Y. nursery has one accent wall and one white wall. The mom-to-be could get creative with the paint that she has and use the white to paint over the pink and leave one or two accent walls. She could also make designs such as white strips on the pink wall.

Tapestry is a classic way to cover up either a blank wall or to add something enticing to the room. The mom-to-be could hang up a unique cover or blanket on an accent wall and paint the rest of the walls white using the four gallons she has.

With all of the creative options that Reddit users as well as the Dearly team provided, these creative, budget-friendly ideas to transform her bubblegum pink nursery into a comfortable environment for her and her baby will be beneficial.

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