One mom is warning other parents with children who are still using diapers after she made a scary discovery last week.

On October 23, Kayleigh Smith — who lives in Australia — took to Facebook after her son started tugging at his diaper as if he was uncomfortable.

What Smith found after inspecting her son’s diaper was a sewing needle.

She wrote:

I can’t believe what’s just happened..I read about this only the other day! I always buy Aldi nappy’s love them.But I ran out yesterday so went to co-op and brought some pampers paid loads for them actually.Freddie’s just came up to me pulling at his nappy I knew something was bothering him so had a look..To find a needle perfectly bent in the lining of the nappy.I’m fuming.He has scratches on his thigh and bum.Thes some sick f**kers actually doing this sh*t.I’ll be emailing pampers ASAP but please check the nappy’s if using pampers.

Smith explained in further detail to Yahoo that her son was only wearing the diaper for a few minutes before he began to fuss.

She said:

“I had put the nappy on Freddie and within minutes he came over me tugging at his nappy. Something was clearly bothering him.

Out the corner of my eye, I could see this thing glistening. I pulled the nappy off and there it was.

I had to unpick it out of the nappy. It was in the Velcro leg cuff – I was mortified.

To me, it looks like it’s been threaded through the nappy. Obviously, you don’t know whether it’s clean or dirty.”

Smith’s Facebook friends encouraged the mom to take her son to the hospital just in case the needle was dirty.

Thankfully, she said her child is doing just fine, despite the scary situation.

She wrote in the comment section of her own post:

I must say Freddie is absolutely fine I would be in AnE if I thought differently. We will go to the doctors in the morn just to be sure but In no way has it Pierced his skin no blood just red marks really. He didn’t have the nappy on long thank god! I have these photos and more along with nappy’s needle etc. The phone lines are closed I have emailed waiting a response. Just trying to make people aware.

A representative for Pampers told Yahoo that they are working with Smith and looking into the claim.

The rep said in a statement:

“We are sorry to hear about this family’s experience: we are in discussion with the family in order to understand what happened. We have requested that the product and packaging are returned for [a] full investigation as soon as possible.

Until this is done, we’re unable to provide specific comments on this case. Our number one priority is to ensure that our products are completely safe for babies to use. Our nappies are made to very high standards and we have strict quality checks in place at every stage of manufacturing process.

We encourage parents who have any questions or comments about our products to get in touch with us.”

Smith said she made her story public so that other parents can be on the lookout.

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