Louise Isaac is currently potty training her 2-year-old, Mila. As the 25-year-old mom might tell you, it’s not going so well.

While walking through the center of town in Plymouth, England, the toddler turned to her mother and said: “I have pooed.” Isaac was panic-stricken, realizing she didn’t have her daughter’s diaper bag on her. She told the Plymouth Herald:

“I thought ‘oh no’ because I had left the changing bag in the car. I went to the nearest toilets which was the market. I couldn’t find any baby changing so we just went in to a cubicle, the three of us, which was a squeeze.

Confined to a narrow bathroom stall, the mother of two explained she gently tried removing her daughter’s pull-up when it became apparent how bad her accident was.

Then suddenly:

“As I was pulling it down the poo just fell out, and because her back was to the adjoining cubicle that is how it rolled under. It just went on the floor. I was like ‘oh no!’ and I was grabbing for it and I said ‘sorry!’ to the person next door.”

Deeply regretting the embarrassment, Isaac took to social media to find the unfortunate person occupying the stall next to hers. The person apparently hadn’t spoken up or reacted to the mishap at the time.

Isaac openly apologized on Facebook:

If you were in a toilet cubicle in the Plymouth City Market about 2pm today, minding your own business and suddenly a whole poo rolled under your door and then a frantic hand followed trying to find it and roll it back, I do apologize, potty training a two-year-old and it’s not going well.

Friends found the mortifying potty training accident all-too-relatable and encouraged Isaac to share her story with popular mom blogger, “The Unmumsy Mum.”

The Unmumsy Mum/Instagram

Isaac told The Plymouth Herald:

“I posted it on her wall and overnight it gained a massive amount of likes and shares. From there The Unmumsy Mum shared it and it just went nuts. Thousands of people were liking it and sharing their potty training horror stories in the comments. It was really funny to read the comments and there were definitely worse stories than ours.”

The embarrassed mother of two still hasn’t found the person deserving of an apology.

Children have accidents, but of her mission to set things straight, Isaac said: “It can’t be nice having a poo coming into your cubicle.”

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