Three weeks ago, a mother had a terrible out-of-hospital birthing experience that left her baby with severe brain damage.

Little Brenden Charles survived the ordeal but is currently suffering from Traumatic Birth Syndrome. Paris Bean says her baby was injured during a risky breech delivery at a birthing center, reports the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Brenden Charles/YouTube

The 23-year-old began to deliver her child at Rosemary Birthing Home in Sarasota, Florida, on January 30. She was two weeks past her due date and in active labor when her newly licensed midwife said “everything’s fine” but that her baby is breech.

Brenden never flipped into a headfirst position. Bean says her midwife failed to spot the baby’s body was feet first despite performing a vaginal examination an hour after she checked in.

According to the midwife’s notes, Bean’s water broke, and she felt a foot seven hours after the mom booked into the center for treatment. The mom said:

“She told me to push, and we could have the baby, and everything would be OK.

I just can’t believe this all happened. We were sold on this beautiful experience. I trusted her.”

The woman called 911 during the troubled birth. However, Bean continued delivery at the center while her midwife and the EMS argued over the breech delivery.

Brenden Charles Youtube

Brenden’s father and Bean’s longtime partner, Jason Fisher, who was present during the incident, said:

“The main EMT said, ‘She shouldn’t push. We need to go right now.’ But Jordan said, ‘No, just push.’ The arguing went on for it seems like forever.”

Bean’s mother, Nikki Bean, added:

“So many things were done incorrectly with this birth.”

According to the recorded call obtained by the newspaper, the midwife told the dispatcher:

“I have a mom in labor, everything’s fine, but her baby is breech. We broke her water and found a foot, so we kinda want 911 on … she’ll have a baby by the time they get here, but just to have them here.”

Three minutes later, emergency responders raced to the center and advised Bean to go to the hospital immediately. However, she reportedly waited another 30 minutes before leaving at the advice of her midwife. The paramedic’s record states:

“Decision made to continue delivery at birthing center.”

Bean ended up being transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital after her son’s birth took a drastic turn for the worse. By this time, Brenden’s foot was dangling from his mother’s vagina.

While en route to the hospital, EMS noticed the baby’s umbilical cord had stopped pulsing and that his mother’s placenta was detached — blood and oxygen were no longer being delivered to the baby’s brain.

Brenden Charles/YouTube

Once at the hospital, his head was “still lodged behind his mother’s pubic bone,” and Bean was given a third-degree episiotomy.

After Brenden was finally delivered by cutting his mother’s anus to her vagina, he was limp and unresponsive but still alive.

According to the family’s GoFundMe page, he’s getting a little stronger every day, though he still suffers from severe brain damage.

Rosemary Birthing Home did not respond to the Tribune’s request for comment.

Watch Brenden’s birth story below:

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10 Replies to “Mom’s Home Birth Turned Into a Nightmare After Midwife Told EMS She Could Deliver the Baby Feet First”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    WOW!!! So sad. I’m all for au natural with midwives and such, but for Gods sake let the medical people do their job if they need to intervene. We don’t live in the freaking dark ages. That midwife needs to have her license revoked, she has no idea what she’s doing. Thank God for modern medicine which would have prevented the damage done by the midwife. Too bad it can’t fix the damage already done.

  • Cara 1 year ago

    I’m so sorry for the traumatic experience and damage caused. But mom and dad also should have listened to the EMTs and gone to the hospital 30 minutes earlier. This brain damage might have been prevented.
    While I agree that women were having babies outside of hospitals for thousands of years, the rates of death for mom and baby were so much higher, along with horrible experiences like this. For that reason, my personal choice was to have my babies in a hospital where we could be more prepared for anything unexpected.
    If you do choose to use a midwife then at least check their experience and that of the birthing center if you will be there. Read, read, read about pregnancy and deliveries. Then you will know what conditions mean you should immediately get to a hospital.

  • Alyssa 1 year ago

    Sadly some homeopathic midwives today are more concerned that the baby is born “au naturelle” than they are about the child’s safety. Modern medicine and intervention is “evil”. This type of thinking borders on delusional, especially when there is a complication. It was clearly pride and a hatred of all things medicinal that caused her to continue to coax the mother to give birth and ignore the EMS. Very Sad! This midwife needs to be fired.

  • Pamela Balcom 1 year ago

    If only women were as horrified by the hospital’s mistakes and bad interventions of doctors playing God. I had four home births and no problems and no crises, but all the hospital births of my friends at the time were riddled with botched procedures, bad decisions on the staff’s part, and overall negative feelings afterward, including many depressed moms months later. This is just sensational reading. Not reality of good home births!

  • Jennifer 1 year ago

    Thank you for saying that. United States has a very high rate of infant mortality deaths. Being we are not a third word country and are supposed to be da number one country with technology, etc, this is not acceptable. I’m very much for home births. There are times when it’s not a good place to have your baby, but overall it’s best to have your baby at home. Of course things can go wrong with home births, but things go wrong with hospital births. If it was so great and so much better to have hospital births, there should never be even one case of something going wrong. In this particular case da midwife was very wrong. Thinking her ego got in the way. By the way I had 3 homebirths. My first was at a birthing center. Was okay but would have preferred at home

  • Michael Bankston 1 year ago

    If were the parent,s I would sue the midwife and/or the birth center.

  • Donna Turner 1 year ago

    This was not a home birth but a birthing center birth and you ridiculing the article that is letting prospective clients be aware of the fact that all birthing centers are not as careful as they should be shows your ignorance and arrogance. Just because you had no bad experiences 4 times over does not mean that it is the safest way to give birth or great for everyone else. Your friends’ experiences also do not negate the fact that this baby would likely have had a better outcome if mom had been in a hospital. I know a young woman (who is a doula herself) right now in Texas regretting her choice of a home birth because her daughter was born unresponsive and it took 15 minutes for EMTs to get there and life flight the baby. The baby still may not make it.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Thank you for your reply. I recently retired after being a delivery room nurse for 43 years. I agree that most births are uncomplicated and could have a safe outcome outside the hospital setting. The problem is you sometimes have only minutes when an emergency arises. The emphasis should always be on safety and not what a couple perceives as a “perfect birth experience”.

  • Paris bean 1 year ago

    Oh my goodness thank you for sharing our story. These past 6weeks have been the longest time of my life!!! We have started a Facebook page for update (: Brenden’s Blessings

  • Ellen Puerta 1 year ago

    People can be harsh. There is no perfect anything so educating ourselves is the best way to have a good outcome. The doula imp should have called EMS the minute the ultrasound showed Brenden was feet first. Being pregnant and in labor hormones and emotions are raging. It’s very hard to think clearly and make a rational decision that’s why all involved need to do what’s best for the baby. I had 3 beautiful children and they all had 3 beautiful children in a hospital. My daughter had a birthing room at the hospital and had it her way but still had back up medical support in case she needed it. It turns out , for her, she was in the safest place. Her blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels and God knows what would have happened if she hadn’t been in the hospital. I pray for Brenden and know that he will give you many blessings and so much love than you could have ever imagined. Glad you set up the fb page and will be holding you in my thoughts and prayers.

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