A 90-year-old mother finally met her 70-year-old daughter for the first time after she put her up for adoption as a newborn.

And it was all thanks to DNA tests Lynee Wray’s family received for Christmas. Here’s the story of how Wray and her mother, Elizabeth Pullen, finally met each other.

According to KATC, shortly after Pullen’s 36-year-old granddaughter, Wanda LeBlanc, took the test, she noticed a close relative whom she had never heard of before.

That relative was Wray, whose profile read:

“I was adopted and have never met my birth family.”

So LeBlanc reached out to Wray, who she later discovered to be her aunt.


The two stayed in touch. Then one day, LeBlanc finally decided to speak to her grandmother, Elizabeth Pullen, about the discovery.

That’s when Pullen told her she put her baby up for adoption in 1948.

LeBlanc arranged for them to meet in person for the very first time, something 90-year-old Pullen never thought would happen.

Shortly before they were set to meet, Wray received a call from Pullen.


She described the phone call that connected her to her mom after seven decades apart to KATC:

“I got a phone call from my mother, and she said, ‘I’m your mother, and you’re my daughter.”

Wray admits it’s a phone call she will never forget.

LeBlanc, a professional photographer, captured the heartwarming moment Wray and her biological mother stood face to face for the first time on May 6.

Watch the video of their reactions from the reunion below:

The two women decided to meet at a park and stand back to back before the big reveal. Wray said, “I thought we were never going to turn around.”

Pullen added:

“I didn’t either, and I was standing there, jumping up and down, saying, ‘I’m going to turn around,’ and then one of Pullen’s other daughters said, ‘Wait, Mom. Just wait.’”

Since the meeting, Pullen told her granddaughter that she’s happy she arranged the meeting. LeBlanc said:

“My grandmother isn’t in the best health and has often questioned why God has kept her on this earth – now she knows why.

The mother and daughter said they’ve been partying and talking ever since they met.

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