Houston mother of three, Iashia Nelson, moved to Texas after she was displaced by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. She faced devastation yet again after Hurricane Harvey slammed the Lone Star state over the weekend.

According to New York Daily News, Nelson was forced to climb on the roof of her Houston apartment building alongside about 30 other people on Monday when flood waters started to rise.


But the worried mother was able to reach out for help in a major way.

Nelson got through to “Good Morning America” on Monday morning when she made a desperate plea from her rooftop. She was stranded without food or water for her family, begged the “GMA” hosts:

“I lost everything. I have nothing but the clothes on my back. Still needing help y’all, please…It’s water everywhere and we have nowhere to go. We just want to get out.”

The “GMA” hosts asked for Nelson’s address live on-air in an attempt to get her help. They later said that they contacted the Coast Guard to get Nelson, but were unable to get through to the busy line.


And so, Nelson and her family waited as the water rushed around them on Monday.

As the hours continued to pass, the mother frantically started posting videos on social media in an attempt to get help for her family and others in the area. In an emotional video posted to Facebook, Nelson cried:

“We need help, we need help right now. They’ve got their whole family out there in the water. People is drowning…Lord please help us.”

Posted by Iashia Nelson on Monday, August 28, 2017

After a terrifying day of waiting, Nelson and her family were finally rescued from the isolated rooftop.

Rescuers had to navigate their way through the rushing currents in order to get Nelson and her children out of the dangerous area. But they were eventually placed on boats and taken to a nearby rescue center.

It was a moment that Nelson said on Tuesday that she was extremely thankful for.

The mom appeared live on “GMA” the day after her daring rescue, alongside the man who saved her family, rescuer James Murphy Jr.

Cameras captured the touching moment when the two reunited for the first time since Murphy saved her family.


Nelson cried and hugged Murphy on camera when she saw him before the interview began. She later told “GMA”:

“I’m so grateful for those who came and volunteered their service, especially James. They were the first ones to come through. He came through with a boat and he passed us up first and we were hollering and he said ‘I’ll be back for y’all, I promise.’ He kept his word and I’m forever grateful to him.”

The mother said on Facebook that she is now staying in a rescue center, and it is unclear when she’ll be able to return home.

But at least with the help of Murphy and the other rescuers, her kids will be safe and sound.

You can watch the emotional reunion below:

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