A Massachusetts mom knew her teenager was making money with her job working from home. She also knew what she was doing was illegal.

Heather Vittorioso’s 15-year-old daughter was selling drugs from her bedroom window in the family’s third-floor home, 24 hours a day, authorities told Boston 25 News.

Court documents show the 37-year-old mom allegedly told narcotics detectives: “…She knew that (daughter) was selling weed but had no idea about anything else.”

But police searching the room discovered cocaine and fentanyl, along with the marijuana Vittorioso admitted to knowing about.

Investigators also found two unlicensed guns and ammunition as well, and a drawer near the window filled with over $1,000 in cash.

Boston 25 reports the high school freshman kept her drug dealing going, according to police and neighbors, since buyers would use the building’s back stairs to access her room,

Neighbor Brianna Rogers said, “People were going up and down the stairs 2 and 3 a.m.” Tanya Silva, who lives on the second floor, just below the Vittoriosos, added:

“To happen in your own building. I sleep in the back with my son, to know they were coming up the back there and drugs were being bought it is kind of disturbing,”

Elijah Silva, a friend of the teen girl, placed the blame on the mom, explaining to Boston 25:

“You’ve got to know how to raise your children, it starts from the base, There comes a fine line where you got to tell your children to stop you can’t let your children take control of you.”

The unnamed teenage girl was arrested, along with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Cameron Dawson, who was also living in her bedroom.

Vittorioso appeared before a judge Monday, and is scheduled to be back in court for a probable cause hearing in February. Boston 25 reports the 15-year-old girl’s father is already behind bars on assault and kidnapping charges not related to his daughter’s arrest.

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