A mom left her infant daughter in the care of her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s mother while she went grocery shopping. When she came home, was shocked to find that her infant daughter’s hair was shaved bald.

As Cafe Mom reports, the mom, who goes by the username Alexandra58 on Baby Center’s community board, explained that they had previously asked her if they could shave her baby’s head.

She wrote:

We lightly discussed (he explained why it works and I called bull and refused) about a week ago. I come home yesterday from an hour long grocery run to bald baby.
Whether it works or not, I’m still upset he chose to do it without my consent and that his mom was a participant … My poor baby looks so funny and I’m amazed she sat through it.

In response to commenters, Alexandra58 explained that her boyfriend’s family was Mexican and that shaving the heads of the girls in their family is a cultural tradition.

Families (like the one in the video below) who participate in the tradition believe that shaving the baby’s head will allow the hair to grow back fuller and thicker.

In an update on her post, Alexandra58 wrote that she’d had a chance to speak to her boyfriend. She said that while he knew what he did was wrong, he did it anyway.

She wrote:

He apologized and admitted he was wrong for doing so but it was MIL idea since she gave him a new electric shaver for Christmas and he didn’t let me know because he knew I’d get mad and he wanted her to have pretty hair and he feels he doesn’t have a say in anything else.

Alexandra58 emphasized that the situation was about more than hair:

I’m not upset about the hair, more so them doing it behind my back and not even giving me a heads up if was happening. It’s a cultural thing for them, and they’ve done it to all of the girls in the family, but I clearly showed my disapproval when asked by both of them.

As the mom put it: “No way in h*** they’re staying with her alone anymore. I might just walk in with her ears pierced next.”

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