Last month, the three-month search for Kansas 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez came to a tragic end when his stepmother led a private investigator to his decomposing body. 

As Dearly previously reported, stepmother Emily Glass contacted police in February, after she said the child disappeared from their Wichita home.

Police searched the area for months, until Glass contacted a private investigator hired by the Hernandez family and led him to a remote bridge. 

There, the investigator discovered Lucas’ badly decomposed body under a pile of debris. 

Wichita Police Department

The stepmother was charged with interference with law enforcement and obstruction of justice, but allowed to walk free.

But two weeks later, Glass committed suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, an autopsy report released Wednesday confirmed.

Jonathan Hernandez, the boy’s father, discovered the 27-year-old stepmom’s body, New York Post reports.

She had written three suicide notes, but the contents were not released to the public.

David Marshburn, the private investigator she led to Lucas’ body, said the stepmom was likely feeling guilty when she contacted him:

“Sometimes we’re in a bad state and we have something heavy on our chest and we want to get it off; you really want to be able to rely on somebody and I guess that’s the person I was to her.”

An autopsy report for Lucas, also released on Wednesday, could not confirm the child’s cause of death, Fox 4 reports. The report noted his body was in a “state of advanced decomposition” when he was discovered. 

Glass was named a suspect in Lucas’ death, but was never brought up on any murder charges. It’s unclear how the stepmother’s death will affect his case moving forward.

District Attorney Marc Bennett said he will meet with investigators in early July to discuss the autopsies and the case.

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