A mother from Maine left her baby in a Target parking lot on Saturday.
But the 27-year-old woman said it was an honest mistake.
Easton, Massachusetts, police officers responded to a call about a baby boy who had been left in a shopping cart at Robert Drive shopping center. A shopper found the 17-month-old outside alone, reports WHDH.
About an hour later, a man with the child’s mother, Taylor Perdue, contacted police when she realized her son was missing, reports WBZ.
He told police:
“That the child had been left behind in the parking lot accidentally. The caller was with the child’s mother in Plymouth and said they were going to head back to Easton.”
Perdue said she was with her three friends and assumed:
“That one of her friends had secured her son in his rear-facing car seat.”
She also told police the group then took separate cars to travel to Plymouth where she eventually realized her son was missing once she arrived at her destination.
The child didn’t appear to be injured, but was taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center for an evaluation, reports WGME. However, some customers were unsettled by the incident and shared their concerns with WBZ. Nellie Boling said:

“How do you not notice?”

Elizabeth Nowinski said:

“It’s is a really bad place to leave a baby,”

While shopper Dan Lavalle added:

“That is a little crazy, you know. I don’t know if they were on the phone or whatever, if they got a little distracted, but your kids are the most important thing.”

Taylor was charged with abandonment/endangerment of a child and is scheduled to appear in Taunton District Court at a later date.

Watch the video below:

Police notified the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), after the incident, which launched its own investigation, according to police.

The woman was given custody of her son Saturday.

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