In August, Arkansas mom LaToya Griffen was horrified when she picked up her 9-month-old son from his daycare in Nashville.

As Dearly previously reported, the mom was called back to Alphabet Academy Daycare just hours after she dropped him off.

When she arrived, he appeared “as if he was attacked by an animal,” she said. The mom claimed that her son was covered in at least 30 bite marks and scratches.

Now, Griffen is filing a lawsuit against Alphabet Academy Daycare. The mother told KSLA:

“I don’t want it to happen to someone else’s child.It is not about money. It is not about anything. I just want justice for my son and anybody else’s child so they won’t have to experience what I’m experiencing now.”


The daycare alleged that the infant sustained the injuries when a 2-year-old child crawled into his playpen and attacked him.

Though the center is now closed, Griffen has filed a lawsuit against the owners. She told KSLA that her son faced emotional and physical trauma that can’t be fixed:

“He’s not the person that he was, but he’s still a good baby… The scabs they are off, but the scars are very visible.They are still there — I can cover his body up — but I can’t cover his face up.”

Last week, a pair of Tennessee parents spoke out about being similarly horrified when they picked up their 9-month-old son from daycare.

As Dearly reported, the parents claim that they found their toddler “tied up” with bed sheets during nap time.

His caretaker allegedly told the parents that he was restrained in order to prevent him from moving when he was laid down for a rest. The daycare was not shut down in that case.

An investigation by police and the Arkansas Department of Human Services into the injuries on Griffen’s son is still underway.

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