Lisa Jackson laughed when her daughter, Andi, slipped her finger inside a jingle bell. But she stopped laughing when the accidental action she thought was harmless landed her toddler in the operating room.

The mom thought she could use baby oil to easily get the jingle bell to slide right off her 14-month-old daughter’s finger, but it wouldn’t move, KMOV reports. The toddler’s finger was trapped inside of the bell, and soon, blood started pouring out.

Suddenly, the Missouri mom of four realized the holiday accident wasn’t cute after all. It was serious.

Jackson and her husband rushed Andi to the emergency room, where the doctor told the parents, “I haven’t seen anything like this,” before sending the couple to St. Louis Children’s Hospital to have their toddler treated.

There, they watched their 14-month-old daughter get whisked away to the operating room, where doctors attempted to get the jingle bell off her tiny finger.

Panic set in for the mom and dad when they were told “we can’t say her finger will be saved, we can’t guarantee it.”

The Jacksons said doctors considered using a “diamond saw” to get the bell off of Andi’s finger but feared the tool could cause additional injury. They eventually turned to a medical device that looked like needle-nose pliers, according to the parents.

It worked — doctors safely got the bell off and saved Andi’s finger from the holiday hazard.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital doctor Brad Warner told KMOV that parents need to be ready for the unusual injuries the holidays can bring. Two more common and potentially severe injuries include swallowing magnets and toy batteries.

The mom and dad, who thought they’d taken care to baby-proof their house top to bottom before the accident, are now warning other parents to watch out for the hidden threats in innocent-looking decorations.

Watch the Jacksons discuss their holiday warning below.

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