On November 17, 2016, Brandi Worley, 31, called 911 and told dispatchers she killed her two children, reported WFOR-TV. The mother of two confessed: “I just stabbed myself and killed my two children.”

When asked what caused her to do that, KFOR-TV reported Worley told dispatchers:

“My husband wanted a divorce and wanted to take my kids. And I don’t want him to have my kids.”

Upon arriving at Worley’s Darlington, Indiana, home, officers found 7-year-old Tyler Worley and 3-year-old Charlee Worley in a bedroom, deceased.


Brandi had a self-inflicted stab wound to the neck.

Montgomery County Sheriff Mark Casteel said Brandi’s husband and the children’s father, Jason Worley, was asleep in the basement unaware of the events that had transpired in the home, WFOR-TV reported.

Casteel told reporters there was no history of violence in the home, and neighbors never reported any disturbances.


The sheriff described Brandi Worley’s call to 911 as “unremorseful” and “matter-of-fact,” reported WFOR-TV.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Brandi Worley spent a week in the hospital for her injuries before she was booked into the Montgomery County Jail. Court documents stated Worley admitted to killing her two children because her husband was planning to divorce her and she wanted to prevent him from taking the children away.

Jason Worley had said he and his wife were having marital problems.


According to People, the Montgomery County clerk’s office confirmed Jason Worley filed for divorce on November 16, 2016.

On January 19, 2018, Brandi Worley pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. Worley initially entered a plea of not guilty and was expected to plead insanity, but court documents report the state of Indiana accepted a plea agreement, as the Indianapolis Star reports.

Jason Worley was at the hearing when Brandi Worley entered her plea. According to the newspaper, he said:

“She appeared to be just as unremorseful as she did in the 911 call. She spoke in a very matter of fact manner when describing her crime. It was heart wrenching to hear her speak as she did.

All I want and have ever wanted was to have her out of sight and mind so that I may move forward from this horror.”

Brandi Worley’s sentencing is scheduled for March 19.


At the time of the tragedy, a neighbor of the Worley family, Victoria Brussell, recalled to WRTV watching Tyler and Charlee run around weeks earlier. Brussell revealed she had trouble coming to terms with the children’s deaths:

“As far as I know they were a well-rounded family, kids were sweet. I can’t even process that, if there was something wrong I wish she would have said something to somebody, gotten help.”

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