A Michigan family is trying to make sense of a horrific tragedy after a mom pulled her daughters out of school then used her boyfriend’s hunting-style rifle to shoot and kill her three little girls one-by-one.

Alyssa Rau, the cousin of the youngest child, told WOOD-TV:

“I don’t understand it. She had beautiful children, wonderful children. I don’t see what the reason was to take them, too.”

According to investigators, early last week 28-year-old Aubrianne Moore presented school officials with a forged doctor’s note and gathered all three girls around noon and drove them to their great-grandfather’s property, reports Fox News.


The Kent County Sheriff’s Office said sisters Alaina Rau, 2, Cassidy Rodery, 6, and Kyrie Rodery, 8, were found dead of apparent gunshot wounds around 3 p.m. in a rural Kent community.

Authorities say the mother took the children into the woods and shot them with a bolt-action rifle before driving back to her boyfriend’s home and killing herself outside the vehicle with the same gun.

There was no suicide letter, however, court documents obtained by WYFF revealed Moore suffered from hallucinations and schizophrenia. She was committed to a mental hospital in September. The social worker wrote:

Aubrianne is keeping her kids home from school because the television told her there would be a school bus accident today.

Aubrianne stays awake at night believing people will break into her home. Aubrianne is not eating believing food is being poisoned.”

According to the social worker’s notes, Moore was both a danger to herself and her children.


She wrote:

I believe the individual has mental illness and as a result of that mental illness the individual can reasonably be expected within the near future to intentionally or unintentionally seriously physically injure self or others.

Moore was hospitalized for more than a week, however, her relatives told WOOD-TV she was sick and needed more help. Moore’s brother Joseph Graham believes she was “failed by the system,” according to the children’s GoFundMe page.


Rau said:

“They were awesome kids, absolutely great. The oldest excelled in reading like no other. The youngest one, she was just so joyful and so happy all the time. And then the middle child, she was just rambunctious and wild and always put a smile on everybody’s face.”

Authorities told WXMI that Moore’s social media posts the week of the murders indicated she believed her children were in danger.

Brandon Rodery, the father of two of the victims, said he was aware of Moore’s mental illness and doesn’t want the mother of his children to be “portrayed as a monster.”

He believes she wasn’t taking her medication at the time of the murder-suicide.

Watch the video below:

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7 Replies to “Mom Used Fake Doctor’s Note to Get 3 Daughters out of School Before Murder-Suicide, Police Say”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I truly feel the poor mum should never be blamed but people around her would definitely have seen the signs. So sad and may they rest in peace..

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    The ‘poor mum’ is the only one to blame. It sounds like people saw the signs and did nothing. What a tragedy. No pity for her at all. Who murders three innocent defenseless children. A sociopath is who.

  • Mark 2 years ago

    We are dealing with a delusional person in our house. We’ve discovered the hard way that it is not illegal to be crazy. Failed mental health warrants, 3 involuntary confinement’s, court ordered injection of antipsychotics and she still refuses treatment or meds. I will be removing the children and myself from the house before we suffer the same fate as these poor children.

  • David Gonzalez 2 years ago

    That father of those girls should have taken his kids away from her. It’s his fault they are gone. He knew she was not right. And expecting her to take her meds is not how you do it. Keep your kids safe. The social worker said it. Supervised visitations until she can prove she is well again. If she wanted to commit suicide, cool. Do it. Just don’t kill the babies.

  • Micah 2 years ago

    Lance Merlin I truly do respect your opinion I believed the same as you. Until watching slowly over the years my sister go down hill to a paranoid schizophrenic state . All the symptoms are identical to what is described here. At this point most state laws do not give you the right to call the police and get them taken in on an observation. It has to be ordered by a judge. This is very hard to get an order. So unless they are ordered to stay in treatment, they can simply sign themselves in and out at will. Most never sign themselves in. There for you have thousands of people wondering around. Mentally ill an do horrible things. I use to think my sister was evil now I know she is ill. Ether way you look at this situation. The only solution is to change state laws, that allow families to do something about this situation of loved ones that are sick. Please get with your politicians in your area review the laws and push for change. In some states. Local and state officers can do a “M1”, I think it’s called, metal evol hold. Where they can take that person in and get an evaluation to see if they are a danger to themselves or others. Then prosecutor steps in an gets a court order for treatment so then they have to stay. This is just a first step. If you don’t have state laws like this which would have saved these children , maybe, then please contact your politicians and get a law going. God bless brother. My heart is broken for this family and the parent of the mom and the children and their fathers!!!!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    David Gonzales brother it’s not that easy when you are fighting the legal system for custody. That’s why laws have to be changed. I mean no disrespect my brother but it’s not as simply as it seems. Most state laws are not written on what could happen. They are written for when it does. You can change this though. Go after your politicians that will not make it an easier task took look at a situation on behalf of the kids and what could happen

  • Trish 2 years ago

    Couldn’t the Father have gone to the Courts & petitioned for an Emergency Custody Order of the Children considering everything that was going on? I believe it would have been granted. If the Mother was hospitalized for mental illness for a week or more, she obviously was not ready to care for the Children when she came home. The Family should have gotten together & figured out what was best for those 3 babies.
    Rip little angels ??❤️?

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