Nurses shouting, “call 911!” was the last thing Amanda Flores heard before blacking out on Christmas Eve 2014.

The mother of two had already been in to see the doctor multiple times throughout the past two months, but her cold-like symptoms and sore throat were dismissed with a flu diagnosis.

However, when her family arrived at the hospital, Flores “had tubes going everywhere.” They were told that the 36-year-old had an infection in her bloodstream. Later, they learned she had strep throat and her organs were failing.

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Flores’s mother, Beatriz Flores, recalled:

“And we could see it. Her legs were black; her hands were black.”

In order to save her life, doctors had to amputate all four of Flores’s limbs.

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Before going through the operation, doctors asked Flores’s family whether she’d want to “live this way,” to which her indignant mother replied:

“We all responded yes. She would live. She would want to live. She has two little boys and she would want to live for her boys.”

While Flores is grateful and eager to continue living, among her greatest struggles is that she can’t fully “be there for [her] children.”

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She said:

“If I could’ve just known that that was the last night I would be able to walk into the room and hold them …”

However, despite her disability, Flores remains strong and optimistic. She can even apply her own makeup now!

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Flores’s fiancé, Frank Bordoy, fell in love with the single working mother and her two little boys years before her illness. The pair plan to wed as soon as Flores feels comfortable walking down the aisle.

However, in the meantime, the two are practicing their first dance.

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Bordoy is a police officer in Washington, D.C., and is constantly surrounded by bravery. However, he said that Flores, “is the most amazing person he’s ever met.” He said:

“It’s just amazing. Day by day, I am always astonished by how much more she progresses.”

Flores and Bordoy are even more in love now than ever. Flores confirms this, saying:

“He loves me. And he says, ‘You have four flat tires but I still love you.'”

Flores has developed an appreciation for the “little things in life.” However, when she qualified for Medicare, she was ecstatic to learn that she’d be receiving “a new pair of prosthetic hands that can move fingers individually.”

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With this new upcoming ability, Flores has been thinking ahead and trying to raise funds to purchase a special car to help her drive her sons around. On her GoFundMe campaign, she wrote:

I not only need a mommymobile aka a minivan (the most practical for quadruple amputees) but I also have to find thousands of dollars to modify the minivan so that I am able to drive my boys around to the multitude of places they need to go over the next 13 years; I love them dearly but yes as all parents of young ones I am counting down the years LOL!

On a more serious note, Flores continued:

If it was just me to worry about, life would be far less complicated, but it is not. My conversations with God have been of peace concerning my circumstances. However, I struggle with why he would choose this path for my children knowing how much they need of me everyday. I am so proud of how strong they are and how well they have adapted to constantly being told mommy just can’t do those things with you, at least not yet, because I don’t have arms and legs.

While Flores occasionally battles depression, she remains as optimistic as can be.


She said:

“So I may never be able to wear the high heels again but I can still wear the pink and still put on a cute top or a cute dress, so what the heck? My fears will never hold me hostage again.”

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