Ohio mom Lindzie Wilson was shot three times after returning to her Dayton home on March 1st — she was 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy at the time.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for Lindzie, the family was told that she and her unborn child, named Bailee, would die within three days of the shooting. 

The 26-year-old, who had two other sons, was placed on life support. And amazingly, her heart continued to beat.

LeighAnne Roberts, Lindzie’s mother, told People that her daughter “fought hard for Bailee.”

GoFundMe/LeighAnne Roberts

She said:

“She held on for him. She held on as long as she possibly could.”

After nearly two months on life support, doctors were able to safely deliver baby Bailee into the world at 24 weeks.

Once the baby was safe, Roberts made the difficult choice to remove her daughter from life support after her condition didn’t improve following the shooting. 

And on April 24, the mother of three passed away.

Her mom called the decision to remove her daughter from life support “indescribable pain,” but said she knows her daughter would be happy to know her baby is okay.

GoFundMe/LeighAnne Roberts

She said:

“He’s definitely a blessing. I’m sure [Lindzie’s] up there watching this and is happy about how things went.”

According to Inside Edition, police ruled her death a homicide after it was determined she’d been shot in the head from pointblank range.

Authorities have yet to name a suspect in the case, but Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said: 

“Investigators definitely have things that they’re working with in this case.”

Roberts plans to raise baby Bailee as her own, and the father of Lindzie’s other children will take care of them.

Bailee will remain in the hospital until August because he is so premature.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help cover medical expenses accrued during the late mother’s time in the hospital.

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