Idaho mom Dzevada Becirovic said her 1-year-old son loved his Nuby light-up sippy cup, but now she’s asking for the cup’s maker to recall the product after her toddler’s cup exploded.

The mom said she was pouring milk into her son’s cup when the bottom burst, sending milk and chemicals onto her body, KTVB reports.

She told the news outlet:

“It was super scary. I immediately couldn’t breathe — my lungs were on fire, my throat, I couldn’t stop coughing.”

Becirovic asked a friend to watch her children while she headed to the hospital. She was treated for chemical exposure to her skin and lungs.


But the mom said that the situation could have been much worse if the sippy cup exploded while her son while holding it instead of her. She told KBOI:

“If it had been in (my son’s) hands, I really don’t even want to imagine what could have happened. If it choked me up that bad and burnt me, it could have taken a limb off a child that little.”

Cup maker Nuby’s parent company, Luv n’ Care, said it is investigating what caused the explosion but insists the product is safe.

It said the mom may not have been using it properly, but Becirovic said she only hand-washed the cup.

She said that if it doesn’t investigate properly, she will have a third party evaluate the product’s safety. The mom told KBOI:

“It’s not about money, it’s not about a lawsuit. It’s (about) getting the word out there, because Nuby isn’t doing their part and obviously (this is) not a safe product.”

It was determined that it was the sippy cup’s lithium-ion battery that exploded, though the exact cause is still unknown.

Becirovic said that she wants the sippy cup taken off the shelves.

Watch the video below:

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One Reply to “Mom Is Treated for Chemical Exposure After Son’s Light-Up Sippy Cup Explodes in Her Hands”

  • Hector Jr 2 years ago

    Batteries explode. Very dangerous to have battery operated products around ones face.

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