Essie Grundy originally stopped in a Riverside, California, Walmart to pick up a beauty product she wanted to introduce to her older children. However, when she learned the store was sold out of the product she tried a different location.

According to CBS Los Angeles, after driving to the store in Perris, California, Grundy was shocked when she had to ask a sales associate to grab the 49-cent comb for her because it was locked behind a glass door.

She then became angry when she realized that all of the products locked behind the door were products geared toward African-Americans.

Grundy asked to talk to a store manager in order to attempt to have the policy changed. When the manager refused, Grundy took legal action. Now she’s suing Walmart for racial discrimination.

Grundy, who is being represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, said in a press conference, according to CBS Los Angeles:

“I originally got the product from the Walmart in Riverside…and it was such a good product, I wanted to introduce it to my older children. They didn’t have any more at the original Walmart that I got it from, so I went to my neighborhood one, and that’s when I noticed all of the African-American products was locked up under lock and key.”

A video was recently posted on Twitter showing a Walmart with a similar setup, but it’s not clear whether this is the exact Walmart in question:

Representatives for Walmart have since responded to Grundy’s claims calling them “false and offensive,” adding that some products are more common targets for shoplifters.

CBS Los Angeles reports Allred told the media that they would like to have “a court injunction to halt Walmart’s practice of locking up products,” as well as an apology.

Watch part of the press conference below:

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