Especially in today’s world, the younger generation can often come off as ungrateful.

However, one mom took to Facebook to share a moment with her daughter that blew her away.

Erica Williams

Erica Williams is a mom of two girls.

According to her Facebook post, Erica and her youngest daughter, Hallie, had just finished up an appointment with an Asthma specialist when they decided to do a bit of shopping.

The mom continued:

My Hallie is a little girl that never asks for anything, well, she found this blanket and instantly said oh mom can I get that.. absolutely. This blanket was so soft, we cuddled with it the whole way home!

As Erica continued, she wrote that as she and Hallie spent quality time using the blanket, she kept telling her daughter how she was going to have to get her own blanket to use because of how soft it was.

Little did Erica know, Hallie decided that she didn’t need the blanket and instead surprised her mom by giving it to her.

She wrote:

This big bag and card were sitting on my office chair this morning…

In the big bag was the blanket and the card on top of it read:

Dear Mom,

I wanted to give you this because I seen how much you loved it. So you don’t have to go buy yourself a blanket anymore. I love you and have a Merry Christmas. You are the heart of this family.


Hallie Vay Williams

Erica told Dearly that her daughter’s kind gesture melted her heart:

“I was super touched this morning. Such a sweet girl and always thinks of others well before herself.”

Those who know Erica and Hallie best also gawked over the almost 12-year-old’s big heart:

Omg!! That is the sweetest thing ever. Great job Erica!!

Omg how sweet I have tears !

What a little sweetheart she is!!

How cute is she! She’s going to make me cry. What a proud mommy moment!

What a beautiful heart your daughter has, Erica. A testament to how she has beeh raised.

Erica added that she hopes she “can be half the person that [Hallie] is someday.” And Hallie’s actions should be a reminder of what this holiday season is all about — love, kindness, and generosity.

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