On June 2, Bec Creighton began her morning per usual, by preparing breakfast for her seven-month-old baby.

She mixed Weet-Bix cereal from her local Aldi in a bowl with formula milk.

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However, on this particular morning, Creighton found a surprise inside.

No, not the fun kind.

On her Facebook page, the mother described the large plastic shard she found while crushing up her baby’s breakfast:

I am appalled to find this foreign object in my 7 month old babies breakfast this morning. Every morning i put 1…

Posted by Bec Taylor on Friday, June 2, 2017

Along with the photos she shared, she wrote, in part:

As my daughter is only 7 months old i crush it up completely making sure there is [sic] no large pieces to choke on, im glad i did this, as i wouldnt of pulled out this horrible large piece of hard plastic in the weet-bix.

She pondered what could have happened had she not noticed the plastic:

I am so shocked up to think my daughter could of choked on this and then what would of happened, hospital? death?

Just last year, another Weet-Bix product, Oatibix Flakes, was recalled. The product allegedly contained pieces of soft blue rubber.

In the United States, Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries was recalled in 2013 after consumers found glass fragments in their cereal boxes.

The mother warned others to be cognizant when feeding their children pre-packaged food. Though it may be safe most times, you can never be too careful.


Creighton told 7 News Perth:

“I might just starting [sic] making my own stuff knowing what’s going in it.”

Creighton has since filed complaints to the Weet-Bix company and to the Aldi supermarket chain.

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