A Florida mom may be facing life in prison if she is convicted of killing her young daughter, but that didn’t stop her from heading to court to fight for custody of her 2-year-old son.

According to the Miami Herald, on Halloween, 31-year-old Tina Farrington got upset that her 4-year-old daughter, Taina Paige, talked back to her.

Police believe Farrington “lured” little Taina to a bedroom, where she smothered her to death with a pillow.

Farrington allegedly hid the little girl’s body inside the trunk of her Nissan Altima for several days before noticing that there was a foul smell, People reports.

Miami-Dade Corrections

The 31-year-old mother then allegedly moved her daughter’s body to a dumpster at a Miami apartment complex. It was ultimately discovered on Sunday when a man went to take his trash out.

The mother of two was arrested the following morning on first-degree murder charges and later confessed to police that she killed the 4-year-old.

But by Tuesday, she was in court for an entirely different reason.

Farrington appeared in family court just a day after she was charged with murder to ask a judge to uphold a restraining order against the father of her children, Leon Paige, a Miami Beach cop.

Paige fathered two children with Farrington, Taina and a younger son.

The accused killer filed a restraining order over the summer claiming Paige abused her son and hit the 2-year-old with a belt during his visitation time. Paige was never arrested as a result of these accusations, and caseworkers at the Florida Department of Children and Families found no signs of abuse.

Nonetheless, a temporary restraining order was granted, and according to the order, Paige was allowed to see his children twice a week during supervised visits.

Over a dozen Miami Beach officers showed up to support Paige in the courtroom on Tuesday.

He wanted to lift the restraining order and obtain custody of his 2-year-old after the murder charges, but the judge wouldn’t allow it, according to CBS Miami.

Records showed that Paige owed a significant amount of child support.

The mourning officer has since started a GoFundMe to raise money for his daughter’s memorial. He wrote:

I am asking my brothers and sisters in blue for their help during my time of tragedy. My baby girl is now at peace, following her death at the hands of her own mother. My family and I are reaching out to you to help me, to give my little angel a proper burial.

The 2-year-old will remain in the care of Farrington’s mother until at least December, when the judge said they will reconsider lifting the restraining order. Until then, Paige is allowed three supervised visits a week with his son.

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