Clint and Mel Edwards have three children together. Mel is a stay-at-home mom while Clint works to provide for their family.

During the busiest time of the year for Clint, Mel was given the opportunity to a run a youth camp for young women through their church. It was something the mom of three couldn’t pass up.

Things got really steamy after the hike. We went grocery shopping. See. Parents know how to party.

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And Clint was determined to make it work. Because Clint wouldn’t be able to take off work to care for the children all day, Clint asked his in-laws for help.

He wrote about it on Facebook:

A couple days into Mel being gone, I was standing in my kitchen, chatting with my mother in law. She mentioned how tired she was from taking care of our children. “I’m getting older,” she said. “It’s getting pretty difficult to keep up with little kids.”

She laughed, and as she did, my father in law was on the sofa, his arms sprawled out, head back looking at the ceiling. He was tired, too. I was tired from working long hours, sure. But I was also tired from coming home and wrangling the kids into bed, like I always did. None of our kids are great sleepers, but Mel and I are good about taking turns getting up.

Clint admitted that doing it without Mel was taking a toll on him.

As he stood in the kitchen that night talking to his mother-in-law, thinking of the long night and day they had in front of them, Clint realized one thing:

It took three people to fill the gap while my wife was away. And even with my in laws and myself working as a team, we were all beat.

He continued:

Taking care of a home is actually a collection of a million full-time jobs. A stay-at-home mom is a housekeeper, disciplinarian, teacher, nurse, chauffeur, comforter, cook, school volunteer, neighborhood caregiver, and more.

As Clint explained, this realization isn’t about gender roles. It’s about the admiration he has for his wife for being able to take on all those roles, often by herself.

I know! I know! I asked you all what I should get Mel for Mother's Day. The suggestions were awesome. But like… I…

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Now, this isn’t the first time Clint has been fully aware of all that his wife does, but not having Mel around made it abundantly clear just how much Clint and their children need her.

Mel’s absence made it very obvious that she is an “amazing, hardworking person.”

My wife, Mel, spent the last five days running a youth camp for young women. It was put on by our church. This is the…

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Clint welcomed Mel home with open arms:

When Mel got home from camp, I was so happy. Not to say that I couldn’t make it with out her. I’m sure I could. But I wouldn’t want to. And I give mad props to all the single parents out there, because you are remarkable.

And he pointed out:

But the fact is, mothers are the frame. They are the gears and the grease. Sometimes they are the motor, and sometimes they are the gasoline.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder; and the last five days made Clint realize that he is very grateful to have a wife like Mel.

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