On July 11, a baby boy, who was born at Blank Children’s Hospital, broke a record.

As KCCI reports, baby boy Jaden Wesley was born at just 23 weeks and one day gestation. He weighed only 13 ounces at birth, and as his family reports, Jaden continues to thrive.

Jaden has been recorded as the smallest baby born at Blank Children’s Hospital in 10 years.

baby boy

Jaden’s mom, Ellonn Smartt, said the day her tiny son was born, something didn’t feel right. But she went about her day as she usually would. She went to work, took a trip to the grocery store, and returned home at the end of the day.

However, as KCCI reports, that’s when Ellonn admitted to her partner, Jordan Morrow, “I think he’s going to come today.” Then roughly 10 minutes later, Ellonn’s water broke.

On her way to the hospital, Ellonn sought comfort in her oldest child, 3-year-old Elijah, who kept telling his mom that “everything will be fine”:

“We think kids don’t notice these things or understand what’s going on, but he did.”

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Ellonn underwent an emergency c-section.

According to KCCI, as the mom’s doctors told her, at 23 weeks, a baby is “not supposed to be fully formed, breathing or having use of all limbs.” But that’s what makes Jaden a “miracle.”

After birth, Jaden “came out swinging his arm and screaming at the top of his lungs. He even starting taking breast milk immediately.” Doctors are calling the tiny infant “remarkable.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with medical expenses, and gas to and from the hospital.

Jaden is now continuing to grow in an incubator. And while Ellonn knows her baby boy has a long journey ahead of him, she could be more proud:

“I’m so proud of him. I go in and talk to him, and I tell him that I’m proud of him every day.”

On the Caring Bridge page made to help people stay updated on his progress, Jaden will remain in the hospital until his November 6 due date.

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5 Replies to “Baby Boy Born Weight Just 13 Ounces Is Being Called a ‘Miracle’ But Mom Is Just ‘Proud’ of Her Fighter”

  • Margie 1 year ago

    That’s amazing I hope and pray he grows up a strong little boy

  • Antonia Cumming 1 year ago

    You can see the love of Jaden parents my prayers are with all of you. You have yourself a miracle angel and a fighter for life. God bless

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  • Donna 9 months ago

    You and your family just got a very very special baby boy coming that early being that strong he is a fighter he is so beautiful. Im so very happy for your new meber of your family. Hes going yo bring you so much joy in yours lifes Amen to you all

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