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When parents drop their children off at school or daycare, they trust other adults to keep their children safe. So, it was a Washington mom’s worst nightmare when her daughter’s daycare called to tell her that her 2-year-old daughter had an accident which caused her to lose the tip of her finger.

According to Cafe Mom, Erin Kays got the call a few hours after Kays dropped Leigha off at Children’s Academy 2. Kays was told that her daughter was standing on a rocking chair and after being told multiple times to get off, she remained standing until the chair tipped over.

The daycare explained that the accident occurred because Leigha wasn’t following their directions.

KIRO7 reports that the school called an ambulance for the child. When she returned home, Kays was given an “Ouch Report,” which had the details of the accident and a ziplock bag that contained the severed portion of her daughter’s finger.

In an interview with KIRO7, Kays said:

“It’s your baby, and a chunk of her finger is just not there. It’s just in a little plastic bag next to you. It’s devastating.”

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Seeking answers, Kays wrote about what happened on her Facebook account. She said that she failed to see how falling off a chair could sever her daughter’s finger and although they called an ambulance, the school employees didn’t care for her daughter correctly and they were unable to reattach the tip of her daughter’s finger.

She said:

The daycare did call 911, the EMTs were there when we arrived. However, the daycare only attempted to stop the bleeding using a wet papertowel, no ice or gauze. Also, the severed part of my daughters finger was not kept cold or on ice, it was thrown into a little bag. Lastly, the daycare removed the rocking chair from facility while we were still in the hospital.

In addition, a witness (who wasn’t identified) disclosed to Kays that the daycare blamed the incident on Leigha to cover up the fact that a teacher was the one who hurt her.

The post continued:

A reliable source informed us that one of the teachers at the daycare (it hasn’t come to light who that person is) sat down in the rocker, rocking back over my daughters finger. The daycare had the audacity to blame my daughter for this incident. They lied to us, lied on the report, and then changed the story again when they informed other parents of the incident.

KIRO7 contacted the director of Children’s Academy 2, who apologized for the incident, but was “proud” that the daycare was licensed by the state and that the director had been working in the healthcare industry for the past 22 years. KIRO 7 uncovered that five complaints have been previously made against the facility between 2012 and 2018.

Kays told KIRO7 that parents need to research the childcare facility they choose for their kids.

Kays advised:

“I felt like people need to do a little more research into their child care, and trust your community.”

Parents are well aware that accidents can happen at any given moment with their children, which is why it is important to find a childcare facility that will responsibly tend the children’s needs.

What To Expect recommends that parents start researching daycare options at least two months in advance in order to thoroughly gauge the level of safety and reputation of the facility. The site adds that parents may want to consult other parents or their pediatrician to get recommendations.

The site also recommends that parents call references provided by the daycare and that a visit to the facility in person is a must. The parent may even consider dropping by unannounced to get a truer picture of what the facility is like.

The Office of the Assistant Secretary For Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) also offers tips. It recommends that parents visit a potential facility for at least an hour to see which activities are provided and to scope out the physical environment.

It also suggests a few guidelines which include researching the level of supervision, discipline strategies, director and lead teacher qualifications, a safety plan, and first aid training.

Both the ASPE and What To Expect recommend asking either a daycare’s director or its teachers about any concerns you have. What To Expect even offers examples of questions parents may want to ask staff upon visiting.

Kays closed her Facebook post by thanking those who supported her family after the incident, then she added:

We are going the legal route for this fight, that’s the only way to truly get results.

You can watch the KIRO7 report below.

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