Jamie Crenshaw could not understand how being cold in school could lead to a disciplinary issue.

As WALA reports, the parents of students attending Chastang Fournier School in Mobile, Alabama, were surprised several days ago by an addition to the school dress code. Principal Veronica Coleman informed parents that the school would no longer allow students to wear jackets inside the school.

The principal’s email went on to explain that students had been using their jackets to conceal dress code violations:

Several students were caught with tank tops and some with no shirt on at all! … [S]tudents may put their jackets back on once they go outside for p.e., or for dismissal. Our building is nice and warm.

However, parents were outraged to find that the new rule left students shivering in the chilly, December weather.

In the video below, mom Tawana Taylor told WALA that a teacher enforces the rule as children enter the school in the morning:

“They’re making the children take their jackets off at the second door. They got a lady there on jacket patrol. She’s like, ‘Take that jacket off.'”

Taylor added that she has watched the drop-off and noticed that the teachers’ own clothing suggests that students might need the jacket:

“I’m sitting there form like 7:45 to maybe a quarter to 9. I’m seeing kindergartners, 1st graders. I’m talking about shivering cold, but I see a teacher with a sweater and a scarf. … You worried about a jacket? She walking around probably got a heater under her desk.”

Jamie Crenshaw was stunned when she learned her child was in trouble for violating the rule. She told WALA that she was upset to get a call from the school about her son:

“They was like, ‘Your son is being suspended.’ I said, ‘For what?’ They said ‘For putting his jacket on.'”

The mom added that her son told her he was cold.

The boy’s father, Bruce Crenshaw, called the new rule a “distraction.” He told WALA that there were other ways of dealing with dress code violations:

“If it was a situation where they wanted to see the shirts that the kids were wearing underneath the jackets, they could’ve simply said unbutton the jacket like I’m standing here.”

Bruce echoed many other parents when he told WALA that he couldn’t understand why they implemented the rule:

“These kids are here to get an education and they don’t need distractions like this. This is not called for.”

Though the school is rumored to be reconsidering the jacket ban, WALA was unable to confirm that the rule would be reversed. The school district is reportedly looking into the matter.

Watch WALA’s story below.

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