Vermont mom Vanessa Beach said that her 10-year-old daughter came home from school last Tuesday with a folded-up survey that was handed out by her elementary school.

Beach told WPIZ that the child said she wasn’t supposed to bring the survey home, but knew her mother would “want to see it.”

Sure enough, Beach said she went “ballistic” when she read what Windsor Elementary School teachers had given her fifth-grader.

The survey asked a number of controversial questions, including:

 Have you been in a romantic relationship? By relationship, we mean more than friends, like having a partner for planned events, like a school dance, going to the movies, or having a sexual partner.

Beach told Yahoo Lifestyle that she found the questions “ridiculous and unnerving.” She said:

“A sexual partner at 10 years old would be called sexual abuse.”

The survey also touched on topics like gender identity and sexuality, which she felt the children were too young to answer.

Beach posted a photo of the survey to Facebook to express her outrage.

The Vermont mom wrote:

Zoe did a survey at school today and I am reading it and see this… now I don’t think sexuality is a dirty thing don’t get me wrong and by that I mean ANY sexuality i am pro do you 100%. that being said I am honestly a little taken back that the schools thinks it’s ok to ask my child about her and her peers sexuality at the age of ten…. A it’s none of their business!!! What if my child was having a hard time with her sexuality?? What if any child in that class were!! Do you really feel like it’s your jobs to make them put an answer on paper for others to read!!?? I find this ridiculous and unnerving to say the least.. I am so pissed I haven’t read the rest yet!! Wtf .. am I wrong?? Someone please calm me down here .. or pump me up.

The school allegedly required parents to sign a permission slip, but Beach said she never received it until afterward. The survey was created by WISE, a domestic violence education group.

Some of the teachers told Beach that they felt uncomfortable administering the survey, she said.

Regardless, the mom said someone “dropped the ball” and that the children should not have seen it:

“They’re not going to stand up and say they’re uncomfortable. I don’t care if you gave them an option. My kid was so uncomfortable that she folded it up and slid it into her back pocket and took it to me.”

Beach said that she has been in contact with the superintendent of Windsor School.

Watch the video below:

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