Dawn Cousins has been living a cursed life. The 44-year-old mom says her extreme beauty is ruining her chance at finding love.

Men are constantly hitting on the mom, making it difficult for her to find her true love, according to The Sun. Cousins said:

“The thing is I look half my age and I have men drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to ancient.”

Her wrinkle-free face makes her look like a sister to her 17-year-old twins, and her 20- and 22-year-old daughters, whose friends often hit on her:

“My daughter’s friends even hit on me; some of them try it on with me because they think I’m a sister and some just fancy me. Sometimes my daughters will [tell me] their mates fancy me not them, and that is a bit strange I guess I’m a MILF!”

She says her daughters have even warned her to stay away from the clubs, telling her she’d “get eaten alive.”

Now, she says she is paying the price for being too pretty after a breakup put her in this position.

The failed relationship left Cousins single, but she assumed she would once again find love after her heart healed, but that didn’t happen. Fourteen years later, the mom says she is “starting to panic.”

She faults her youthful looks for leaving her high and dry in the love department all these years later:

“I sometimes wish I didn’t look so good, then I might attract the right kind of man I could spend my life with. Guys over 40 are all putting on weight and the women have got a lot of wrinkles. I haven’t got any. I’m not in the same bracket as them.”

She has given dating sites catering to people over 40 years old a chance while looking for her perfect man, but that didn’t work out well for her:

“The guys were terrible, and I look too good to date men in their 40s when I look like I’m in my 20s, I can’t date a fat, unattractive, old aged man when I look so young and beautiful.”

The London mom thinks she might have to make a long-distance move to find the man of her dreams who can handle her over-the-top beauty:

“I’m thinking America with plenty of men to meet, in one of those states there must be the man of my dreams. I just have to get searching.”

Cousins is set on finding the perfect man for her, no matter what country he is in as long as he is the right size:

“I need to find my knight in shining armour — or at least a man who isn’t so fat he could fit it.”

The mom has received backlash from her family and friends for her brazen words when she calls herself “too hot for love,” and she says she gets it, but she still feels like she is right because people continue to hit on her.

So the search continues to find someone who can handle her hottness.

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