Seven Bridges’ experience with bullying first made headlines in September 2018 when he was called a racial slur while riding the bus home from his Louisville, Kentucky, school.

According to WHAS11, another kid riding the same bus reportedly called Seven the N-word, and a friend encouraged Seven to beat that kid up.

But when he chose not to engage, Seven was choked out by the “bus buddy.” His mom, Tami Charles, said at the time:

“My baby said that it got dark, his ears were popping and he could hear the students saying, ‘he’s choking him, he’s choking him,’ and he said he felt a little woozy.”

After taking her son to get a CT scan, Charles called out her son’s school, Kerrick Elementary, in a video for their lack of action.

(Warning: The video below contains strong language.)

They called my son a Nigger and he got choked by a white boy on the bus. He turned grey and passed out. They tried to DISMISS me and make it like the CHOKER was the victim. They NEVER called us. My son is 10 years old. #Share #Woke #WAYMENT #Awareness #MothersofBlacksons

Posted by Tami Charles on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The video has since been shared more than 41,000 times.

At the time, Seven told WHAS11:

“I was thinking ‘why is he doing that, I thought he was my friend.’ […] I still can’t get him choking me out of my head.”

According to Charles, Seven — who they called their miracle baby after she was told she couldn’t have kids — dealt with certain health issues at a young age.

Seven once used a colostomy bag, and when it was removed, he would still deal with “problems leaking.” It became something his classmates bullied him for.

It remains unclear if the students responsible for attacking Seven in September ever faced repercussions for their alleged actions.

Five months later, on January 19, 2019, Charles discovered her 10-year-old son hanging in his closet.

Charles told WHAS11 that she was at the grocery store and her husband was at a church choir practice when their son took his own life. Charles said:

“I saw my son dead. That’s something in my head.”

HIs father, Donnie Bridges, added:

“For the few minutes that we left, he didn’t want us to see that.”

Charles said that she plans on taking legal action.

She is “blaming the bullies and a flawed system that couldn’t protect her son”:

“The balls that were dropped. It wasn’t that JCPS didn’t have these tools, they just weren’t at our school. It wasn’t that they didn’t have these tools to help the victims of bullying, they just weren’t there, they weren’t used.”

Seven was planning on starting a new school in August:

“We kept telling him this will all be over.”

According to, bullying doesn’t discriminate:

Bullying can affect everyone — those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to determine whether bullying — or something else — is a concern.

A spokesperson for the school told WHAS11 that while they couldn’t get into the specifics of the bullying that reportedly went on at their school, they are thinking of Seven’s family.

The spokesperson said:

“We are devastated. Our hearts are breaking for this family. This school community is hurting right now.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Tami and Donnie pay for their son’s funeral.

Watch Tami and Donnie talk about their beloved son below:

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12 Replies to “Parents Say 10-Year-Old’s Suicide Was the Result of Bullying: ‘I Saw My Son Dead. That’s Something in My Head’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    My son has been bullied since he was started high school! The bullies were protected over my son! I was told that if my son defended himself he would be arrested! I informed the ass’t principal that my son will not hit first but he will defend himself! That’s when I was told he would have him arrested! Two of his friends committed suicide because of this school & the ass’t principal! It pays to come from a rich family or be the schools best athlete! Sad but true!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I think the proper term for the assistant principal is ass principal

  • Michael Bankston 2 years ago

    I was bullied when I was in Middle School. If kids picked on me, I would tell a teacher;if kids picked on me in the neighborhood, I would tell their parents. Bully victims should not be afraid to tell someone because it is not being a tattletale. If kids are being bullied on school, the school need to contact the bullies’ parents.

    • Barb 2 years ago

      Sometimes telling just makes it worse. My friend’s grandson took his life because he was too white for the school he was attending, and he didn’t speak Spanish.

  • David 2 years ago

    Maybe it is time to an adult monitor on school buses if the driver can’t drive and keep an eye on the kids on the bus!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This breaks my heart. What a beautiful young boy. Prayers for his family❤️

  • christopher musser 2 years ago

    I know about bullying and I wish I could have been there to comfort this child and tell him things would get better. It’s not his fault, because he saw one way out and he took it, even though it was the wrong decision. May God hold this child near to his heart and may bullying be a thing of the past.

  • Darren Seabolt 2 years ago

    Bully victims shouldn’t be afraid to stand up and fight like I did. I’ve count of how many times I had to fight in school.

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    The parents should have never allowed the child to return to the same school. Children should not have to attend a school where they are being bullied, and where the school officials are doing nothing to protect students. This is why I believe in school choice. This child could have been home schooled or gone to a charter school, and had the school district pay for it if they refused to do anything to address the problem.

  • Sheila Silipinotti 2 years ago

    Until the PARENTS of the bullies are held accountable for their childs actions, bullying will never stop. With so many cameras to prove who did what, a parent cannot deny what their child did to another. When a PARENT must miss work to be in court or get a ticket and pay a hefty fine, then they will begin to break this pattern. Hit the PARENTS where it hurts and their children will stop hurting others because this problem will be dealt with in the home where it should be.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      it is illegal for a school to film what the students are doing and keep the film

  • K5isti Harris Smith 2 years ago

    My heart breaks for Seven and his parents. Such a senseless tragedy that any child, especially one who is being raised to be a good and kind person ever suffer the hate of ignorance. That seems to be a characteristic of many bulies, ignorance in the fact that everyone deserves to live in peace no matter what their differences.
    God bless you Seven and keep you in his arms. I pray for the children who bullied him to learn love and understanding and truly see what their hate has done to an innocent young man.
    I’m so sorry for your loss!

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