As a mother, Alice Martin wanted to know why her daughter seemed fussy when she picked her up from daycare.

However, the Tucson woman didn’t know that her 15-month-old was injured until she changed her at home, reports KOLD.

Martin said she was left in tears after she discovered more than 25 bite marks on the poor little girl’s back. But she doesn’t know whether an adult or child hurt her daughter.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, the angry and concerned mom warned other parents about Creative Beginnings Childcare Center, which is part of a national chain of daycare facilities on April 29.

The mother said in a post that within five days of her daughter starting her new Arizona daycare, the child was bitten more than a dozen times but no one reported it.

Martin recalled the incident to KOLD. She said:

“At first, I was like ‘are those really bite marks?’ And then, my brain kinda stopped thinking and I started crying. There’s over 25 plus, it’s hard to tell. 25 would be the minimum that the police officer and I discussed.”

The mother told the outlet she felt concerned for other children and needed to take action. So she reported the center to police because she doesn’t know what happened the day her daughter was bitten.

Martin said:

“The fact that they didn’t notify me even when I picked her up is just, astounding.”

She continued:

“It’s stomach-turning. It feels both angry and sad at the same time.

You always want to protect your children and I feel like that didn’t happen. I feel like I left her with someone that didn’t look out for her at all.”

The Tucson Police Department and the Arizona Department of Health Services are investigating the situation.


KOLD reached out to Creative Beginnings and a representative for the center said Martin claims are unsubstantiated. Martin told KVOA:

“It’s very hard to prosecute daycares especially with younger children who can’t talk to tell what happened. So it’s basically just my word against a daycare’s.”

Police officials from a child physical abuse unit have confirmed during an investigation that the bite marks shared in a photo from February 29 appear to be from a child.

Watch the video below:

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