Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

When Satin Smith found out her son had stolen from an Akron Krispy Kreme as a prank, she was not amused.

After learning he had taken two bottles of chocolate milk from the shop, Smith walked her son right back in, belt in hand, to teach him a lesson.

Video footage posted on Facebook by Smith’s daughter showed the mother repeatedly hitting her son while the boy shouted out apologies.

After her video went viral, Smith said that she’s “not raising him to be like that,” and she wanted to teach him a lesson.

A well-known Instagrammer, boonk.ig, started a trend among young people wherein they record themselves committing crimes:

In response to the latest trend, Smith’s son decided to try it out for himself. In a recorded video, the boy filmed himself walking into Krispy Kreme, where he purportedly grabbed a drink from the cooler.

Before walking out without paying, the boy said, “thank you,” to the employee as she shouted, “you need to pay for that!”

Just when he thought he’d gotten away safe, his mom decided to film her own video:

There were a wide mix of reactions to the viral post, with some commending the mother for disciplining her son and others calling her out for her parenting decisions.

One woman, Christina Hester, berated the mother on YouTube, writing:

She need her a** whooped. The boy is already hurt. U gone let these ppl laugh at ur son!. Talk to him in private! Correct in private! How u gone give the world a reason to laugh at ur baby. Ur tripping. I’ll never hand out s**t for ppl to use against mine. He would corrected but y’all will never know about it. This ain’t good parenting this is fronting and putting on a show just like her son did. I feel sorry for this boy. I’m sorry that your mistake has to be public n your punishment too. How many times did we mess up as kids n learned from it? He will live to regret it and have no respect for his mom.

She added:

It’s not n eye for an eye when it comes to children.

Conversely, those who caught the video on Facebook were all for her old school punishment:

Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook

WKYC reached out to Akron policeman Rick Edwards to get his take on whether Smith’s discipline was a legitimate parenting decision. He said:

“I think this is what mom is trying to teach him a lesson. This is not OK to do what you’ve done. I’m sure some people will look at it and say ‘oh my god. That’s abuse.’ But from an investigative point of view, there’s a fine line between abuse and discipline. And parents today can still discipline their child in today’s society, that’s perfectly legal.”

As for Smith, she didn’t intend for the video to “go as far as it did,” nonetheless, she was able to effectively get her message out. Smith said:

“This generation needs to learn that there are consequences to your actions, be it good or bad. That was my point.

She added: “There is consequences to what you do. You can’t take things that don’t belong to you.”

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