A Texas mom had taken her kids to the state fair when she came up with a trick any parent of sugar-hungry kids will appreciate.

As told by the woman’s doctor in the Chicago Tribune, the mom recounted she watched her children “blow through” their money at the fair on food and games. The Texas State Fair is massive and tends to be expensive, especially for a child who “wants one of everything,” Dr. Sue Hubbard explained.

Hubbard listened intently as the mother recalled how after spending all of their money, her kids wanted another snow cone. In the middle of explaining to her children why they simply could not consume one more thing, a lightbulb went off.

The mother put plain ice chips in a cup and told her children the snow cone was “marshmallow flavored” which is why it was white and not colored:

The children LOVED them and were thrilled that their mother had acquiesced for another treat. Everyone walked happily to the car eating their marshmallow snow cones and they were very content. The ride home was without tantrums or tears.

Hubbard commended the mother for her use of the “placebo effect.” This effect is sometimes also known as “parenting hacks.” Parents love tricking their children (with the purest of intentions), especially when it comes to feeding them.

Like getting them to drink more water:


And to “drink” their veggies:


By making sure they develop a palate for spaghetti “noodles”:


And that they don’t fill up on ice cream:


All Instagram parents are president of the “Clean Plate Club”:


And if the family has to eat on the run, you better believe food is served up hot:


Vegan moms love serving their kids “popsicles” for breakfast:


And foodie moms make sure their kids always finish their … pancakes?


What’s your best parenting hack when it comes to food?

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