Last year, radio host Charlie O’Brien’s baby girl was rushed to the hospital, after the mom noticed something was off with her breathing pattern.

Now, she’s using a video of the scary moment to educate others about the dangerous warning sign.

Last week, O’Brien posted a video of her daughter Luna filmed shortly before she was hospitalized. It shows the young girl struggling to breathe.

The mom wrote:

I stumbled across this on my phone and thought it may be useful to share.

When Luna was 4 weeks old she had a really quiet day of sleeping and barely any crying (unusual for Luna!)

I was watching her sleep next to me and realised it didn’t look right. I unbuttoned her babygrow and this is what i saw.

Sucking in at ribs is a sign to get your baby or child to hospital.

It turns out, the baby girl had bronchiolitis, a lung infection that requires hospitalization in serious cases.

O’Brien wrote on Facebook:

She had bronchiolitis and her oxygen levels were very low. Luckily after a night on oxygen she made a very good recovery. We’re heading into the dreaded season of non stop colds coughs and viruses so thought it was worth a mention xx

The mom’s video quickly went viral, garnering over two million views in just one week. The mom said she never expected the response and  “can’t quite believe it.”

She’s now using the attention to help raise money for Asthma UK, a charity organization. She wrote on JustGiving:

Last week we shared a video of Luna’s breathing with Bronchiolitis, not having any idea that it would go viral and reach millions around the world.

We ask that if you wish to share this video for your media corporation in order to gain clicks, shares and revenue then you consider making a donation to Asthma UK – a charity helping children and adults with breathing difficulties, live a better life.

Thankfully, little Luna is doing just fine. O’Brien said she made a full recovery after treatment.

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