An Indiana mom says her 2-year-old son, Asher, has been struggling since ingesting some of his father’s cocaine in August 2017.

Jennifer Trattner told the Daily Reporter that the child’s father, Kevin Bunch, came over to watch her son when he was 7 months old.

She was unaware the dad brought cocaine, which he snorted near the infant’s crib.

The following day, Asher started vomiting and had a high fever. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors told the mom he had tested positive for the drug.

Trattner told Fox 59 that she nearly couldn’t believe it. She told the medical staff:

“You are joking. You need to retest him. You are wrong.”

Asher lived through the ordeal but now struggles with developmental delays, his mom said.

Bunch has since been charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury. He no longer has custody of the child but is allowed to have supervised visits.

Now, Trattner is fighting for stricter laws when it comes to the visitation rights of parents with a history of drug abuse.

The mom helped Indiana lawmakers write Senate Bill 323. The law would require parents with a history of drug use in the past five years, or who are currently using, to undergo a drug test before getting visitation if ordered by a judge, according to Fox 59.

Trattner explained:

“The offenders have more of a voice than the children do, and I have a problem with that. We have children dying and children overdosing and children being neglected.”

SB 323 was passed through the state Senate unanimously and will soon go to a House committee for a vote.

The mom said she’s been left “picking up the pieces” after her son’s father used drugs too close to him.

She said that if anything comes from the “horrendous” experience, it will be in the form of helping others. Trattner said:

“I never wanted this to happen to Asher, and I wish it would’ve never happened to Asher, but in a way, I feel like God has led me to do something positive with this. I feel like he’s using me to help others with the situation I’ve been given.”

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2 Replies to “Mom Fights for New Law After Her 7-Month-Old Tested Positive for Cocaine Following Visit From Father”

  • truly 1 year ago

    common sense if you are on drugs stay away from everyone, especially children who cannot defend themselves and do not know the dangers! the Judges are whacked out imho….. it is supposed to be about the children… not about the supposed adults, if you can’t adult…go home!

  • Evette 1 year ago

    This should be a law in every state. Children should be protected by the laws not the parents.

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