Kristina Gibson took her 5-year-old son to a movie theater in East Cobb, Georgia last Friday, and brought along a sippy cup that appeared to be the child’s.

But what was inside the cup wasn’t intended for the little boy.

According to WSB-TV, it contained strong alcohol and possibly prescription drugs. And as the movie continued on, the mother became heavily intoxicated.

The little boy started crying during the movie, disturbing guests nearby. But the mother was too intoxicated to care for him.

According to witnesses, Gibson could not walk or talk properly. Joseph Ellison, who was at the theater, told ABC 13:

“The movies are a place to have a good time, but there’s different ways to do that rather than ingesting substances and the fact her child was with her.”

The mother was asked to leave the theater after guests started to complain, but she became angry. She told a police officer waiting outside the theater, “I will f*****g kill you!”

Employees tried to block the intoxicated mother from getting into the car with her son, but she managed to drive away. Gibson eventually returned home.

The mother has since been charged with public intoxication and reckless conduct. Neighbor Brandi Rhymes said she was surprised to hear about the incident:

“That’s horrible and like I said, very shocking for this neighborhood because it’s very family-oriented.”

Gibson has not yet turned herself into police.

Watch the video below:

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