A Minnesota mom wanted to do something special for the firefighter who saved her 1-year-old daughter, so she gave him one of her kidneys.

WUSA reports,  Bearville volunteer firefighter Bill Cox came to Becca Bundy’s daughter’s rescue two years ago when she was having a seizure.

Cox told CNN, back in August 2016 he got an emergency call and immediately responded to the health scare. He said:

“I got there and helped settle people down until an ambulance could get there and take care of her.”

Bundy recalled the encounter to WUSA and said she could never forget the moment Cox saved her daughter’s life:

“He seemed to care, it wasn’t just another call.”

Then, two years later while bartending, Bundy walked into Cox’s bar and saw him wearing a green t-shirt that read:

“My Name is Bill. I’m in end stage KIDNEY FAILURE And in need of a KIDNEY.”


She then realized that she and Cox had the same blood type. Bundy said:

“I couldn’t get it out of my head. I just said, ‘I’m the one and I know it.’

I thought that was a way I could certainly say thank you.”

After testing proved that Bundy was indeed a match, she underwent surgery at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in February. Cox told CNN:

“She’s my angel. She saved my life and I thought that would be an appropriate little gift for them.”

Thanks to Bundy, Cox is now dialysis-free and credits the mom for giving him a second chance at life.

Dr. Raja Kandaswamy, director of the transplant program said:

“So there was an urgency for him to find a live donor, because the waiting time for an organ to come from a deceased donor could be five to seven years in Minnesota.”


Dr. Kandaswamy continued:

“There was a sense of urgency to get a transplant because a 66-year-old on dialysis does not do well long-term on dialysis.”

Bundy said she was blessed to go on this journey with Cox and his family as she wiped away her tears.
Watch the video below: 

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