The Rushton family had only been in their new home for two weeks, but something was making them sick.

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According to Kidspot, the family had sold one house and moved into a rental home in Western Australia when Anna and her three sons started feeling unwell. In the video below, she told “Today Tonight“:

“My younger sons have stomach aches and has got a cold and respiratory. My older son’s got a sore throat and had quite a severe cough. I get headaches every day and night.”

Anna began to be suspicious shortly after moving in, when she something hidden near the pool: 10 empty baggies plus one more that were full of crystal meth.

Worried, the Rushtons brought in someone to test their home for traces of methamphetamine. That’s when they learned they’d just signed a six-month lease on a former drug house. What’s more, their living area was completely contaminated with dangerous drug residue.

Anna told “Today Tonight” they left the house immediately:

“The levels came up significantly high for us to just grab our stuff and get out — and get our family out.”

Pamela Joyce, an expert brought in by “Today Tonight” to do additional testing on the Rushton home, explained the serious health risks involved:

“This can cause huge health implications, [such as] blindness, respiratory, cancers, psychosis, heart attacks.”

Accompanied by Anna and an investigative team, Joyce tested vents, walls, and furnishing from around the house. In every case, the results showed extremely high levels of methamphetamine. Some of the worst readings were in the children’s rooms and playrooms.

Even freshly painted walls and doors still tested high for meth, which could have come from cooking or smoking the drug. Joy told “Today Tonight” that the house was uninhabitable:

“This is a danger zone. The whole house is contaminated. This is the strongest readings I have seen in Western Australia.”

Joyce estimated that it would cost thousands of dollars to thoroughly clean and decontaminate the house. In the meantime, the Rushton family is living out of a hotel. Anna told “Today Tonight” that it’s been difficult to raise a family in those circumstances:

“It’s pretty hard, we’ve got school bags in the car and bits here and wrong uniforms and not really much storage for food and cooking. So it’s not great.”

The Rushtons broke their lease, and Anna told “Today Tonight” she has no intention of paying any rent for the time they did live there:

“It was preventable and unnecessary and not good enough. I don’t want to pay a cent of rent for living in this home that made us sick. I want that back.”

She added: “I never really want to rent a property again.”

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Posted by Today Tonight Adelaide on Monday, August 28, 2017

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