British reality TV star Samantha Faiers recently welcomed her second child with boyfriend Paul Knightley.


Faiers and Knightly, already parents to 11-month-old Paul, shared the news of their baby girl’s arrival two weeks ago, following a home water birth.


The second-time mom was quickly back on her feet, the Daily Mail reports, as Faiers had recently embarked on a holiday outing with her children to a London hotel, stopping to pose beside a Christmas tree with the new baby in tow.

Faiers posted the photo to social media following a series of pictures of her new baby, which prompted many fans to ask why she hadn’t yet revealed her daughter’s name.

“What a lovely Christmassy morning,” Faiers captioned the photo. “My little darlings first trip to the Dorchester ???? #mybabygirl x”


Many fans wanted to know what the parents had chosen for their baby girl, with one commenter asking: “What’s her name why all the secrecy?”

Faiers responded to the comments, saying:

There is no secrecy we just haven’t named her yet.

It was a welcomed remark for many commenters, who shared they, too, had been delayed in deciding on their baby’s name.


One follower wrote: “Taking time with her name is lovely @samanthafaiers. We chose outside the registry office at the last second ?.” Another added: “We didn’t name our daughter for 2 weeks so don’t worry about it, it’s a big decision ? she’s ur double x.”

One fan stated: “My little boy didn’t have a name for 5 days & there is nothing worse than people who don’t even matter keep asking ‘what are they called?’ Why are people so worried? It’s not their baby ?? xx.”


Another commenter said she deliberated over the name of her daughter as well: “I don’t think some people contemplate the fact a name is for life I took two weeks after she was born to choose my daughters and has no end of earache ? I sure it will be lovely whatever you all choose x.”

One mom shared it took her weeks to decide on her baby’s name: “It took me 6 weeks to name my baby girl then decided in Millen in the way (sic) to the registration ?.”


“My friend took 5 week to name her baby girl lol,” wrote one commenter, “she was set on Ruby all through pregnancy soon as she was born she said she’s not a ruby hahaha in end she called her Darcie-Rae x.”

Another said: “My 2nd daughter didn’t get her name till 5 weeks old. As we couldn’t decide.”

Faiers thanked commenters for supporting her decision to wait to choose her baby’s name and for offering to help select her namesake:

Just reading through all these comments thank you soo much everyone 🙂 your kind words mean so much to us. And all the name suggestions are great too ???

Eager followers suggested many names for Faiers’s baby, including Daria, Abigail, Penelope, Ayla, and Ivy.

As GoodtoKnow reports, fans previously speculated Faiers would select the name Poppy, as her daughter was born on November 11, Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom, which is symbolized by the poppy.


In the U.S., the two most popular baby names as of September 2017 were Avery (also spelled Averie) and Rowan, according to The Bump.

As NPR reports, parents in the U.K. have 42 days to register the birth of a baby, which would include their name. The law varies by state in the U.S.

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