Aubrey Morales’s son escaped from daycare and was found wandering in the middle of the road. But the mother of two asserts she learned of the incident days later when the neighbor who found him told her.

In a Tuesday post on Facebook, Morales claimed the daycare’s proprietor warned her on January 8 about allegations that three children had escaped from her care.

Morales wrote:

While putting on my kids shoes, she asks if I’ve seen “the post on Facebook,” to which I answered that I had not. She goes on to tell me and two other parents that apparently three daycare kids got out and people are saying they were her daycare kids. She claims innocence and stated that they were not her daycare kids.

Morales said she visited the Facebook group where the rumored post was and found “no proof whatsoever” the children being discussed attended the same daycare.

Morales revealed it was a phone call from a neighbor three days later that informed her one the children who allegedly escaped was actually Morales’s own three-year-old son, Julian.

I get a message from a wonderful woman who witnessed the discovery of the children. She identified one of the missing children as mine, she told me what my son was wearing on Monday, and she even used his name (she recognized him from [the] daycare because they used to go to the park together sometimes).

According to the mom’s post, the three children reportedly were gone from daycare for 30 minutes before they were found. The neighbor who spotted them brought them home and called police, as NBC San Diego reports. Police spoke with the daycare operator but didn’t report the incident or file charges.

Morales wrote in her post:

I’m not sure what happened and what [she] told the cops, but I was never informed by authorities, the licensing office, or CPS that one of the children who went missing was mine.

Morales explained she took to Facebook to share the details of the ordeal because she believed she was the only parent who had been contacted. Morales urged other parents with children at the daycare to contact her to identify the two other preschoolers who had escaped.

In an interview with NBC San Diego, Morales said she was “shocked” by the unfurling of events:

“I was shocked. I was taken aback by the fact she thought so little of my kids and family as a whole.”

Chelsea Bezdichek, who later discovered her four-year-old daughter was one of the children who escaped, said she was “furious”:

“I could have lost my daughter. She could have been kidnapped. She could have been hit by a car.”

According to the TV station, the daycare, which caters to military families in the San Diego area, had been cited for violations nine times since opening in July 2016 by the Department of Social Services. The daycare’s license has since been revoked for the latest incident. provides a list of licensing requirements for daycare operators in each state.

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