A mother wasn’t expecting to open the dishwasher and feel appalled by what was staring back at her.

Realizing her daughter was the one who put the revolting object in there only made it worse.

Reddit user “FB” shared a photo of the disturbing find, describing how the discovery traumatized her mother:


She wrote:

So mom finds this in the dishwasher. Gives it to me wrapped in a towel asking me WTF I put in the dishwasher.

Following her post, FB received many comments.

User K_Rayner wasn’t worried about what it was, only where it should be placed in the dishwasher:

Certain items are top rack only. Top Rack!!! TOP RACK!!!

And user subermanification wasn’t even sure what to say:

You can’t explain that!

But Adambillionaire had it all figured out:

It is a dildo mom! Nothing is bad about that.

Ishaan863 went with that theory:

Dildo mom, dildo mom, does whatever a dildo mom can.


It actually did belong in the dishwasher, but it melted into a sexual shape, grossing the mother out.


FB explained:

It was a cup. It shrank. She went on talking about how uncomfortable she felt all day.

Following FB’s explanation, Reddit users had many ideas about the new contraption.

Awkward from funny

One user, Aeogor, explained how it could be used:

It’s a workout regime. You work yourself, and then you drink.

User 0ppulent came up with the perfect name to combine what her mother thought it was and what it actually is:

A “dildup”: a dildo that can be used as a cup.

And user Dapaaads wasn’t going to miss out on getting in on 0ppulent’s new creation, the “dildup”:

Filing a patent; you and I are gonna be rich!

Believe it or not, FB isn’t the only one who put a plastic cup in the dishwasher only to have something that resembled a sex toy come out. It was also a problem for chicken_slaad:

Water bottles melted in the dishwasher and came out looking like sex toys. from mildlyinteresting

Whoagapants tried to make chicken_slaad feel better about the loss of three cups:

Well, don’t look at it as losing three water bottles, but gaining three dildos.

Look on the bright side. Right?

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