Editor’s Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers. 

Penny Rohleder was delighted by her son’s family portrait.


From the solitary gray outline of her body, to the bursts of color shading the bodies of the other members, her son’s drawing was truly worthy of a spot on the fridge.

However, it was a detail she missed on first glance that had her re-evaluating if she should hang the picture in such a highly visible location — or up at all.

As 9Honey reports, the Australian mother explained was admiring her son, Julian’s, artwork, when her daughter pointed out an extra special detail:

“He brings me this picture, and I’m like, ‘I love it! It’s beautiful!’ and then my daughter said ‘he added something…look at it.’ I said, ‘what’s that red bit on me? And he’s like, ‘Oh, that’s your period.'”

There, on the bottom of his drawing was a scribble of bright red.


Rohleder instantly knew the origin of her son’s creative liberties.

According to 9Honey, while pregnant with her third child, Rohleder experienced a pulmonary embolism — a blood clot in her lungs — that required the use of blood thinners which she continued taking after the birth of her baby.

One morning during Rohleder’s time of the month she headed to the bathroom only to find it was already occupied by her son. As she told 9Honey, the effect of her blood thinners made her desperate to use the facilities:

“It makes any kind of bleeding you have really, really bad. When I get my period, you can imagine it’s not just heavy, it’s horrific, like massacre kind of style.”

Unfortunately, her five-year-old son, propped on the toilet at the time, explained that he was going to be a while.

Out of options, Rohleder decided to jump into the shower to freshen up instead, when her son saw what would be the inspiration for his future masterpiece:

“So I quickly got in the shower, and he obviously saw the blood. He was like, ‘are you okay mum, there’s lots of it!’ And I said “Yep, mate. I’m fine, I’m all good.”

While he admitted her son was “grossed out,” he was more concerned with her safety than anything.

“As long as you’re going to live,” he told her after she reassured him once more that she was indeed okay, and definitely not dying.

Rohleder revealed she didn’t know if she should be embarrassed by her son’s drawing or not, but one thing was for certain — she and her husband found it hilarious:

“I couldn’t stop laughing, it was hysterical. I showed my husband and we were both laughing,” she said.

In fact, eventually Rohleder was so pleased by her son’s artwork that she sent it to popular Australian mom blogger, Constance Hall, who shared it with her Facebook followers:

Fuckin hilarious Penny. #raisingkings

Posted by Constance Hall on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Numerous commenters had their own stories of young children finding out about the delicate graces of the female body, many of which were documented in their own family portraits:

Others simply shared the “touching” moment their little ones disclosed such details to other people:

As for Rohleder, she chalks her son’s inclusion of her period in his family portrait up to him being a good-natured boy that cares about his mom.

Ah, kids.

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