A New York City mom is thanking New York City police officers after they saved her young daughter’s life.

According to CBS New York, Carolina Carmago was giving her daughter a bath before bed when the glass door of their shower slipped off the hinges and crashed into a wall.

CBS New York

The crash caused the glass to shatter into many little pieces all around her 2-year-old daughter, Olivia. Carmago told CBS New York:

“When the glass broke, it broke into really small pieces. It was like bleeding a lot and I was like, ‘what am I going to do?’”

One of the shards of glass made a large cut in Olivia’s back, so Carmago called 911 for help.

Four officers responded to the call where they used “quick clot” – a military-grade treatment for serious wounds — to stop the bleeding while she was transported to a nearby hospital.

NYC Police Chief Rodney Harrison wrote on Twitter:

When a glass shower door shattered on top of Olivia, Sergeant Morris and Police Officers Casillo, McCormick and Albano from the NYPDMTN sprung into action and applied Quik Clot, saving Olivia’s life! NYPDnews #NYPDprotecting #savinglives

Olivia was given several stitches for the wound on her back and was treated for several more cuts on her legs and arms. Carmago also received stitches for the injuries she sustained.

In an interview with Cafe Mom, Carmago said:

“We just moved to New York and here the bathtub has two glass doors. The glass door had plastic on the end to protect the glass from hitting the wall. But the (plastic) wasn’t really well fixed. … It kept falling all the time.”

Carmago praised the officers for keeping both her and Olivia calm during the intense moment:

“I removed Olivia as fast as I could and she seemed to be fine, but then I saw a lot of blood coming from her back. She had a cut—around 10 cm I don’t know exactly the size—in her left side and a lot of minor injuries. So I called 911. […]

They were really helpful because I was afraid and worried. Sergeant Morris, Police Officers Casillo, McCormick and Albano helped a lot. They tried to calm Olivia, saying she was brave and strong.”

Now the mom is issuing a warning to other parents to be aware that “small things in our daily life could be dangerous.”

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