On Sunday, Libby Garofalo and her husband, Keith Garofalo, were about to open up a new pack of diapers when they noticed multiple small bugs crawling around the unopened pack of Pampers.

Libby immediately grabbed her phone to record the gross encounter:

During the video, Keith can be heard explaining that “there is a bug in my daughter’s Pampers.” He said:

“The bag is sealed. Crawling around in a sealed bag of Pampers, no holes, no nothing, and this bug is just crawling around.”

When they found a second bug scurrying around in the closed package, Libby exclaimed, “that’s disgusting.” She advised:

“Everyone check your Pampers. If you have Pampers, check the bags. That’s disgusting. Oh my god.”

Libby posted the video on Facebook, and it has been watched almost 8 million times. Libby wrote in a new post that Pampers offered them a partial refund and will use the product number to check the rest.

Libby continued, describing the type of bugs she thinks were in the bag:

“The bugs have wings, leaning towards these not being bed bugs, they look more like a type of Pantry Beetle.

I just wanted people to be aware and check their diapers! I would not have seen these bugs if not by happening to glance at the bag in her changing table and see one moving. I think they stay between the diapers or between the folds of the diapers. Ew.”

Libby pointed out she’s not “bashing Pampers,” adding it’s the only brand she buys, and that she’s never had a problem with them before.

Nonetheless, she still doesn’t think it’s OK and hopes this will force the company to look at its product more closely.

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