A California woman’s Christmas gift to her parents provoked an emotional reaction from her mother, as well as many social media users.

According to her Twitter, Brittany Garcia’s brother was a police officer who passed away in October. In honor of her sibling, she went to Build-a-Bear, created a police dog with her brother’s voice built in, and gifted it to her parents.

The touching video Garcia shared on Twitter of her mother opening the gift has social media users just as emotional.

She tweeted:

My little brother died in the beginning of October, for Christmas I got my parents a build a bear in a police uniform (he was a cop) with his voice

The post has received over 4 million views, over 56,000 retweets, and 278,000 favorites. Some users responded to her post with their own stories.

One tweeter wrote:

I know the feeling of losing a sibling. She was like a sister to me, my mom raised her because her mom also passed when she was young. I know there’s nothing I can say that will help, but just know you will be reunited one day.

Another user commented about her emotional reaction to the post and empathized with the recipient’s experience receiving the gift.

She tweeted:

I’m bawling, not even kidding. That’s such a beautiful gift. I can’t even imagine how painful yet wonderful it was to hear his voice again and hug the closest thing she has to him. I’m so sorry for your loss

Overwhelmed by the response, Garcia took to Twitter to show her appreciation for the support.

She tweeted:

I am completely overwhelmed by the reaction to the video I posted. The outpouring of love and support is something else and my family is beyond thankful. I posted a moment that happened during our first Christmas without my little brother. I never expected it to go this viral.

Garcia tweeted a note for the critics explaining why she chose the stuffed gift and how the mourning process looks different for everyone.

She said:

I would just like to comment that everyone grieves differently. My family has a need to hear his voice, it’s not ripping open a wound (like people have said) because our wound hasn’t closed and probably never will. My mom LOVES her gift! To everyone who has reached out with kind words, thinking of us and praying for us, thank you so much

Garcia continues to receive comments of well wishes and comfort calling her gesture a “beautiful idea.”

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2 Replies to “Mom’s Reaction to Christmas Gift of Stuffed Police Dog With Her Deceased Son’s Voice Has Social Media in Tears”

  • David 2 years ago

    Leave this family alone. MOM loves the bear and hearing her sons voice. If you negative commenters can’t say something nice about what her daughter did for her KEEP QUITE!

  • Linda E Turney 2 years ago

    As a mom who lost a son, I would cherish this.Everyone grieves differently, and no one should judge you.I have had people do it to me and it hurts so much.Whatever brings you comfort , that is what you do.Those who judge probably and hopefully have not walked in our shoes.May God comfort you as you cherish all your precious memories.Keeping you and your family in prayer.

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