Note: This article contains graphic content.

British mother Rhiannon Atkinson, 30, was devastated last year when her daughter, Pippa, was born with a severe skin condition that left the mom unable to hold her baby for five months.

The woman from Wales told the Daily Mail that her baby girl was born without skin on her hands and feet. It was as though “someone had taken her and dipped her in boiling water.” Atkinson said:

“They were red raw and she was whisked off to intensive care.”

Doctors soon diagnosed the baby girl with epidermolysis bullosa, a painful condition that causes skin to blister when touched, according to The Sun. Sadly, the condition is incurable.

Babies born with the condition are often referred to as “Butterfly Children” because “their skin is quite simply as fragile as the wing of a butterfly.” And Pippa was no different.

Rhiannon Atkinson/Facebook

For the first several months of her life, Pippa’s hands and feet were wrapped up to protect them. Atkinson was unable to cuddle her baby, she could only look at her lying on a pillow.

It was heartbreaking for the mother:

“Not being able to cuddle your newborn baby is the worst feeling in the world but it would have caused her too much pain… When we would touch her, especially her hands and feet, she would scream out in pain and you could see the true agony on her face.”

Pippa recently celebrated her first birthday, and her mother has learned how to change her bandages and tend to her blisters.

Only now, the condition has spread to the rest of her body.

Rhiannon Atkinson/Facebook

The 1-year-old gets 50 to 60 new blisters a day now that she’s trying to crawl. Her clothes must be worn inside-out to prevent the seams from rubbing, and she has to wear special diapers.

Atkinson now posts photos of her daughter’s painful skin condition to Facebook in order to help raise awareness. But the social media site has been anything but helpful.

She said that her photos have been taken down because Facebook claimed they showed “a body or body parts in an undesirable manner.”

But Atkinson and her husband, Damian, are still determined to spread awareness of epidermolysis bullosa. They are also working hard to find a treatment plan for little Pippa.

According to their JustGiving page, the parents plan to add a MicroSilk tub to their home. It’s a special bath that will help exfoliate her skin, which will help her condition considerably.

They are currently working to raise money for the tub, which they hope to put in a new bedroom.

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