When Belinda Greer ran outside to confront the gang of young troublemakers outside her house, she didn’t realize her “granny panties” would turn out to be her secret weapon.

As the Daily Mail reports, the mom of three from Melbourne, Australia, was getting into bed on a recent Friday night. She pulled on her comfy granny panties and started to get into bed when she heard loud noises nearby.

Posted by Belinda Greer on Friday, May 24, 2019

Greer looked out her window and saw that an unruly gang of young people was causing trouble outside her door. She told news.com.au:

“I jumped up and looked out of the window. There must have been about 20 youths on my driveway, smashing bottles and leaning against my car.”

The 33-year-old mom ran outside to confront the group and warn them that she’d already called the police. She was taken aback when the warning actually worked and the gang of troublemakers began to flee. She said:

“I couldn’t believe it when the mob started running away from me. I was in disbelief.”

While Greer was about to pat herself on the back for effectively handling the gang, one of the young people  shouted back an unflattering explanation for their flight:

“They told me to get back in my house because I was naked and they didn’t want to see it.”

The mom had been so focused on running outside to disperse the gang of kids that she’d forgotten what she was wearing: a nude-striped pair of $10 Kmart granny panties. The nude panties were why the youths thought she was naked.

Greer told news.com.au jokingly that she hadn’t realized her cheap panties were such effective safety devices:

“I jolted back inside and burst out laughing. My favorite high-waist undies had literally saved me from a scary gang — it’s the best security system ever.”

Greer shared her story to a private Facebook group, where people agreed they were comfy. After factoring in the unexpected safety feature, the panties were dubbed “superhero pants.”

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