A Virginia mom and military wife was worried when her 7-year-old daughter came home coughing recently, but she never expected it may have been from potentially dangerous conditions at her elementary school.

That is, until her daughter made what seemed to be a very outlandish claim.

According to WTKR, Sarah Barr’s second-grader said it was actually raining inside Butts Road Primary School during her school day. The surprised mom said her daughter brought it up on Tuesday:

“She said, ‘Mom did you know it was raining inside the library today?’ I said ‘Raining?’ and she said, ‘You know we heard this loud noise and all of a sudden it was just raining,'”

Barr knew that Butts Road Primary School had issues with water damage after a blizzard on January 10.

When she went to pick up her daughter from an after-school activity days later, she was greeted by the sight of trash cans catching water and large parts of the ceiling missing. The mom said:

“There were trash cans, all over in all the hallways. A majority of the ceiling tiles were gone, wires were hanging down. One was close to my face.”

In a letter, the principal had assured parents that the problems caused by the storm were fixed right away, WAVY reports.

But Barr said she knew that wasn’t the case after this week’s storms once again filled the library with water. And now she claims it may be affecting her daughter’s health.

The family took their daughter to the emergency room after she started coughing this week, because of her known allergy to mold, WTKR reports.

According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), mold is a major concern when it comes to water damage, since spores can spread to other areas of the building that seem dry — creating potential hazards.

Barr said her daughter had “dark circles” under her eyes and was heavily coughing. And doctors were allegedly surprised by what they found, the mom told WAVY:

“They found traces of viruses and there was multiples of them and the doctor said he’d never seen that before.”

The mom told WTKR she’s now keeping her daughter at home and is concerned for the other staff and students at the school. Barr said:

“School doesn’t let you come because of snow on the ground because of safety reasons. But they’re going to let your kids go into school when water is dripping and the ceiling is caving in on wires and probably mold is growing in there. Is that safe for them? How is that safe? It’s not.”

According to WAVY, a spokesperson for the school declined an interview but said “safety is always a daily priority,” and added that students have been relocated to a part of the school without damage and repairs are underway.

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