When a Detroit mother saw her longtime boyfriend in bed with her 15-year-old daughter, she lost it and “went crazy,” Fox 2 Detroit reports.

Putting two and two together, the enraged mom grabbed a knife from the kitchen. She and her dog started furiously attacking the man, identified as Kevin Price. She said that although the knife was “a little vegetable cutter knife,” it was “long enough to do some damage.”

She said:

“I really was trying to kill him. I was enraged. I couldn’t see straight.”

After multiple stab wounds to the arm, as well as dog bites, Price fled the scene.

Police say that the mother’s actions are justified and considered “self-defense” because of what had happened to her daughter. Detroit Police Det. Robert Kane said:

“She was hit with a metal broom that we saw in the house that was bent and she protected herself and her daughter.”

Price and the victim’s mother have been together for four years and have three young daughters together.

However, when she spoke to her victimized daughter, she learned that this incident was not the first time Price had sexually assaulted her daughter. The mother said:

“[My daughter] said it happened when she was 14 and in my mama’s basement.”

Price has a criminal history that includes “unlawful imprisonment, assault, weapon charges and home invasions.” However, despite all that, the mother said:

“I knew he was crazy, but I didn’t know he was sick.”

The mother reported that she has taken precautionary measures to prepare her home if Price ever decides to return. In addition to installing cameras around her house, she sleeps with a shovel by her bed and answers the door with a “knife in hand.”

Police believe Price is still in the area and anyone with information should report it to police immediately.

Check out Fox 2 Detroit’s full coverage in the video below.

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