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Mom Cleaning Her Home Donates Son’s Old Travel Mug to Goodwill. He Says It Was Hiding $6,500


Like many across the country, Georgia mom Lindsay Preiss was inspired to clean out her home thanks to Netflix’s popular series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

On the series, organizational guru Marie Kondo encourages families to dispose of items in their home that don’t “spark joy.”

The popular series led to a flood of donations to Goodwill and the Salvation Army in recent weeks, and Preiss wasn’t immune to the show’s inspirational message.

She started cleaning out her Atlanta home and grabbed her 27-year-old son’s old Mickey Mouse travel mug for donation, WSB-TV reports.

The mom dropped the mug off at Goodwill, where it was purchased by an unknown buyer. But soon, her son informed her that she’d made a terrible mistake.

Devon Silvey had just sold his car and hid $6,500 inside the travel mug for safekeeping because the bank wasn’t open.

It was still inside when his mother donated it to the local Goodwill. He said:

“At first, I thought it was a joke or a prank or something like that. She thought I was upset about the mug being gone, which, I miss the mug as well, but what was inside was a little more important.”

Preiss said she felt bad when she lost the cash from her son’s car sale:

“(I feel) like the worst mom in the world. I mean, I feel terrible.”

The family contacted the Goodwill store as soon as they realized the mistake, but the manager couldn’t determine who bought the travel mug.

The mom is now pleading for the person to return the cash. She said:

“We would be very, very thankful if you brought it back. I’m just asking someone to please have it in your heart to do the right thing and give it back.”

They’re offering up a reward for the person if they do decide to hand over the mug and money.

Watch the video below:

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  1. I hope that whomever bought the mug will be honest & return the money! Unfortunately the world we live in is a selfish self serving people! Let’s hope they will be honest!

  2. They would have opened it at Goodwill before selling it without a doubt. They should be asking store employees, my guess is the Manager. They’ll never get it back if that’s the case.
    This is a lesson in not throwing other people’s stuff away without asking them first.

    • That’s what I said too…but why didn’t mom look inside before donating it ! $6500 would have been a bit heavy I would think

    • Exactly what I was thinking- they should be checking surveillance on the employees.. I find it very hard to believe they’d put it out with out popping it open to check for anything gross inside.

  3. This is a strange story. How did she not know he had sold his car and stored the money somewhere.
    She will be fortunate if some person has good values and give the money back but most people who shop at the goodwill are just going to see this as a windfall. She owes her son $6500.

  4. I’m thinking that money is gone forever. I make it a habit to check pockets of clothing, inside boxes, etc…before donating. You would think that $6500 in a travel mug would feel heavier than normal. I wonder if mom feels bad enough to reimburse her son? I wonder if they are telling the truth.

  5. I agree with Amanda good will would of had to open the cup or who ever was at register you would open it to see if something was in the cup to make sure they did not put something else was in there

  6. #1….Fu7k1ng Gurus should keep their mouths shut!…#2 Mom should never have thrown it away…She is “STUPID” not to realize it had sentimental value to the son…Keep her slimy hands off his things…She owes $6500 to him…

  7. Goodwill is NOT a non profit , so donte to Salvation Army 😉 Enough of my plug .. lol . I think the mug would have been opened in the back b4 it hit the selling floor …. My guess is an employee that makes minimum wage took it . Hopefully they CAN give it back . They may have already spent it 🙁

  8. Well I think the people that work there took the money one the cup should have felt a little heavy with $6500 in it me myself I check everything before I donate it. The employee check everything when it comes in they saw that cash and kept it and said nothing to no one but in all honesty they need to return the money and yes Mom’s you should have looked inside the cup im praying for a good turnout please return the money it doesn’t belong to you your gonna have to Answer to God for what you’ve done taking that money.

  9. I don’t believe this story. I believe she took the money, if there was really any money. The whole story is so unbelievable. Of course, she knew her son sold the car. But, the bank doesn’t have to be open to deposit money. Like I said, so many inconsistencies.

    • What Goodwill worker is not going to look inside a coffee mug to make sure it doesn’t have dried up milk or something in it? I mean really! I bet the person that got the money is someone that works at that store!

  10. I feel really bad for the mom being a mom myself, but I just don’t understand how she donated a cup that had a lid on it and did not remove the lid to look in it first. I mean you wanna make sure there isn’t anything in it or that it’s clean right? I mean that is what I would have done. Also the mug has been sold but I doubt they came up with the cash. If they have cameras my guess is a dishonest employee got the cash. I’m sure when it was donated before putting the mug for sale it had to be washed. At least I hope that they wash donated dishes! So yeah I can almost bet my last $1 that an employee went home with a $6.500 bonus! As for the mom plead all you want, but I think she owes her son a new car.

  11. Stupid ass bitch , $ 6,500 Dollars in a traveling mug of micky mouse on it. Then give it to good will after doing cleaning at home is the worse mistake that she ever did in her life.

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