A Memphis mom is demanding answers after she says her 2-year-old’s arm was dislocated by one of his preschool teachers.

The family of the little boy said the toddler couldn’t move his arm and he was screaming in pain on the day of the incident. But little Jace Hudson didn’t receive medical attention until his mom picked him up from school, reports WMC.

Caleb Armour, the fiancé of the child’s mother, claims he had been in pain for over an hour before his family was notified about the injury.

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It wasn’t until Hudson’s mom came to Lord’s Tabernacle Christian Academy for a routine pick-up on Friday that the school’s principal shared the news.

Armour said:

“The principal says ‘before you leave let me tell you what happened.’ She said that there is a teacher, his after school care teacher was asking him to go to timeout. He did not comply or comprehend so basically as a result his elbow is dislocated from his arm.”

According to a police report, investigators are reviewing video footage that shows a teacher allegedly tugging on the boy’s arm three times to pull him to time out.

Armour told FOX 13:

“What’s obvious is they are trying to cover up something. For them not to pick up the phone to anybody – not a grandparent, not a parent to say, ‘hey your child is hurt.”

The family said Hudson’s emergency contact should have been called immediately following the incident.

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Armour continued:

“When I pulled up to the scene, that’s all you hear on that street – a young child screaming and crying and it’s terrible.”

The child’s soon-to-be stepfather told WMC:

“Why you didn’t reach out to any emergency contact? That’s the biggest concern right now.”

The Memphis Police Department spoke to the teacher accused of hurting the toddler. She reportedly told officers “the boy wouldn’t sit still, so she picked him up by the arm to put him in time out.”

Lord’s Tabernacle Christian Academy refused to comment on the incident.

The little boy was officially diagnosed with Nursemaid’s elbow and treated for his injuries. The family may take legal action against the school.

Watch the video below:

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4 Replies to “Mom Says Toddler Was Left With a Dislocated Elbow After Being Pulled Into Timeout at Day Care”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Hell yeah I would take legal action against the school. You hurt my child and then not notify anyone about it. I would make sure that school knew who I was after that for sure. I can’t believe she said she picked him up by the arm, he is two years old for god sake.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    She said he wouldn’t comply!!!!! Isn’t that an adult term? He’s a baby for heavens sake!! She their ass

  • Crystal Robinette 1 year ago

    I would absolutely press charges! You don’t handle a 2 year old that way.. Or any aged child! To make matters worse, they knew of the painful injury and didn’t call the parents! That poor little guy needed some love and comforting not some heartless bitch pretending to provide love and care to children!

  • truly 1 year ago

    teacher is an abuser and the school ought to be shut down for not doing the right thing before , during and after.. poor baby… sue get some college funds going… they are callous… sorry little one, your mom will advocate for you…

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