Rahzeena Hamilton dropped off her 8-month-old son, Judale Malone, at Harvest Learning Center in Milwaukee on Friday morning. Not long after, she received a call asking her to come back due to him enduring a “mosquito bite.” She explained to Fox6 Now:

“She’s like ‘yes, Ms. Hamilton, can you come get Judale? He got bit by a mosquito. We think he has an allergic reaction.'”

She went on to explain the extent of Judale’s injuries:

“His head is swollen and some of his hair got scraped off, he has bruising in his ear.”

Hamilton suspects that Judale was abused at the daycare. She also stated that he has bite marks and scratches on his body.

Concerned about her son’s condition, Hamilton took him to two different hospitals where doctors performed tests and a CT scan. Interestingly, the doctors didn’t find a mosquito bite on the boy, Fox6 Now reports.

On the Childcare Center website, users, including a former employee, wrote awful reviews about Harvest Learning Center. One said:

Wish I could give it 0 stars. DO NOT send your child here or they will end up sick or abused. Every teacher here is rude, they don’t lesson plan, they’re constantly yelling & the meals are trash. I’m so glad I quit when I did.

Childcare Center also shows an inspection report about the daycare which reveals that it has numerous health and safety violations.

In order to ensure daycare safety for parents and their children, Care.com advises parents to ensure that at their daycare:

  • Licensing standards are met
  • A childcare health consultant is present or on-call
  • Spaces are childproofed (including stair gates, outlet covers, clean toys, etc.)
  • Staff is trained in first aid and CPR
  • Caregiver-to-child ratios are acceptable

Ensuring that your child is in a safe environment when attending daycare, doing research, and looking at reviews can help keep your child safe. 

According to WITI, doctors told Hamilton that Judale does not have serious brain injuries nor does he have bleeding in the brain. However, Hamilton is still keeping a close eye on his injuries.

Police are also investigating the situation.

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